National Lottery Scratchcards 64 ( BIG WIN )

National Lottery Scratchcards 64 ( BIG WIN )

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National Lottery Scratchcards
Episode 64
£10 Worth of Cards
BIG Winner
(C) Scratchcard Liam 2016 [ad_2]

23 комментария

  1. the first one: 29 yep, 5 secs later.. okay nothing on that one.. wtf that made me cringe

  2. No. Yes. No. No. no. Yes

  3. He was so dead inside until that happened xD

  4. Congratulations. I expect to win something good for my pocket

  5. nice one. good on ya mate!!

  6. Just Imagine if you had A Real Job!!

  7. Lovely £100 Liam! Next step: JACKPOT BABY!

  8. The way he ends the video tho it makes me laugh, please like and subscribe goodbye haha


  10. u were getting so gasped but nice win;)

  11. nice pull m8

  12. Nice job. Congrats!

  13. well done 🙂

  14. Auto gas that's epic

  15. Wow.
    Great winner, lad.

  16. And we know what will happen to most of that win!

  17. congrats well done!!!!!

  18. Well done on ur win

  19. Nice win mate

  20. Wow! Straight 100!! Niiice!!

  21. was not expecting that great win

  22. lmaooo nice mate!!! grats

  23. dude that were quick lol good win excellent stuff

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