NetEnt Auto Roulette? BIG WIN? |1000€ PROFIT|

NetEnt Auto Roulette? BIG WIN? |1000€ PROFIT|

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  1. Sheer greatness

  2. this video just shows how much experience you have its incredible

  3. Olá Karl eu ainda estou a espera da versão em espanhol ou português

  4. Stop with this shit

  5. Scammers

  6. Hey, Karl's viewers. I came up with the idea to make a group for us viewers. This will be a group on facebook, where we can exchange advice, practice strategies together, help each other and play together at roulette.

    If u think its good idea Just contact with my:
    Have a good day guys.

    I believe Karl will join us 😀

  7. Still waiting for the spanish versión

  8. well done, all you need is a few good hits and control yourself and know when to leave/cashout,

  9. Netent auto, at which casino is?

  10. Good session Karl…

  11. Which casino is it?

  12. Hi why u stop play evolution ?

  13. Hi D.K.R.S.D.A You are always active 😛

  14. Please join the forum, see you there: FORUM: →

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