**NEW** — BUFFALO GOLD SLOT — SUPER BIG WIN!! — Slot Machine Bonus

**NEW** — BUFFALO GOLD SLOT — SUPER BIG WIN!! — Slot Machine Bonus

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**NEW** — BUFFALO GOLD SLOT — SUPER BIG WIN!! — Slot Machine Bonus

I am happy I had the chance to play this game. I wasn’t even looking for the game…just happened to stumble upon it at the casino. Buffalo never gets old to me. I have always enjoyed the game…and will continue to play this one. During the slot bonus feature you will hear me chant «gold» over and over again — LOL! It’s because you will do the same when you get a chance to play the game. In the slot machine bonus feature, you want RETRIGGERS and GOLD BUFFALO. If you collect 15 Gold Buffalo, each of the premium symbols all turn to Buffalo. Simple right? Well, not that easy. During the slot machine bonus feature, you still have to contend with the poker symbols…and even with many retriggers, you still may not capture enough of the Gold Buffalo symbol. I hope you all have the opportunity to play this game. I had a good time. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, like, subscribe and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Mike what casinos in AC can I find the Buffalo Gold machines?

  2. can you tell me the music of the beginning please ?

  3. Do the multipliers multiply all wins or just ones where the multipliers are in play?

  4. If you filled all the reels with Buffalo would it bankrupt the casino?

  5. Great win, you make it look easy.

  6. Can't wait to see it, played again last night and won 1500 no handpay like 300-400 hits lol

  7. This game is insanely fun I played today at 3.00 for hours till I was down to 20.00 and played .60 and got all the gold. 780.00 later I went home ahead amazingly fun game that's at 3.00 for 5 Buffaloes I wish I could have filmed it I had a crowd tho. Never saw so many Buffaloes on one screen in my life lol

  8. I just wanted to be friend that's all

  9. just kidding but if you visit at Greek town hit me up

  10. I want to meet you

  11. when you gonna come on Greektown Casino?

  12. I love all your video Thank you share

  13. I love all your video Thank you

  14. Great bonus, thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Where can you find this game in Atlantic City?

  16. wow! thats cool, wish i could've bet that much the other day I won 920 with the min. bet, congrats

  17. slaot free machine. casino

  18. OH Mike, this looks Beautious!! And you did a good job of creating this game and showing the top(which is hard I wouldn't wonder).. Congradts on your maiden bonus! Have to look for this.. IF I ever get better, been sick since I've been here in fla.. Maybe Hard Rock will have it and then its seat time bonus!

  19. Very nice bonus!!!!!

  20. There's just somethin' about a Buffalo bonus round. Enjoyed watching, as always!

  21. Nice! I hope this one makes it's way to Biloxi soon.

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