**NEW SLOT** HOUSE of CARDS SLOT — *BIG WIN* — First «LIVE» Look — Slot Machine Bonus

**NEW SLOT** HOUSE of CARDS SLOT — *BIG WIN* — First «LIVE» Look — Slot Machine Bonus

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**NEW SLOT** HOUSE of CARDS SLOT — *BIG WIN* — First «LIVE» Look — Slot Machine Bonus

Here is a First «LIVE» Look on the new game by IGT — House of Cards. This is my second go at the game. I wasn’t going to play it again…because my first try was really bad. However, you know I don’t give up … if I see some worth. I will be playing this one again because I didn’t trigger any other features besides the slot bonus feature. I did some LIVE play and triggered the slot bonus fairly quickly…which isn’t easy on this game. This particular casino has 6 of these games…and I had all 6 to myself — LOL. I don’t think this one will last because it is quite volatile. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, share and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Looks interesting, that wild feature in the free spins was cool. And the brand, mmmzz it's a nice one! Thanks for showing 😉

  2. Very nice win Mike! Congrats to you! Hope to play this during my annual Vegas trip in June! Again ,great win there Mike!

  3. great hits but i think that top spacey hit shoould have been much more and it sounded like u thought so too but at least u won i think i might pass on this though thanks for sharing

  4. Ah…that's why you recorded in portrait mode. You should record Wonder 4 Tower like that! Thanks for the First "Live" Look.

  5. Good Morning, is it possible to mention which casino you're playing in?

  6. Somehow I missed watching this video…I thought it was an ad for the TV show (but I guess it was since I don't really know this show hah). That was a really nice big win for a licensed slot! Can't believe IGT is hopping on the bandwagon with taller cabinet games to torture our necks while recording LOL. I like this "Tower" theme..results were definitely a lot nice than Aristos Tower game and the WILD reels seem to be generous on this game once you unlock all the reel sets. Great win Mike! Thank you for sharing! This looks worth trying out!

  7. Fun slot and great bonus! Does it have other features such as a picking bonus?

  8. thanks for sharing. i love visually stimulating games. looks fun.

  9. Nice bonus, you know I love your videos just hate that it's cut off.

  10. Interesting game! The free games version seem explosive! Thanks for sharing! #NeverGiveUp

  11. Wow awesome job and video! Not sure I'd play this machine though. At first I thought this was a Scientific Games slot based on the meters at the bottom (credits, win, bet). Looks like the same exact font from Mad Men. Interesting though.

  12. Played it on-line at Double Down, I think there's a lot of good play and a possible good/huge win but I stay away from the theme games but then again this one has potential never say never. Thanks for sharing

  13. Your my Hero Mannj!!

  14. Nice slot. Cant wait to try it out. Congrats on a great win. How come the picture was narrow?

  15. Interesting looking game, Mike. I have been meaning to watch this show, but haven't yet. I'll give it a try when I see it. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  16. How cool.. I will have to try this.. Good win! Thanks for showing 🙂

  17. This looks good…Question…did you do much other play time on it, and if you did how were the base game line hits? Thanks for showing this!!

  18. Thank you. Haven't seen it in casino yet. Great first look

  19. nice win this looks like a fun slot i'll have to be on the look out for it

  20. Holy shit!! I can't believe they made a slot machine of House of cards… that is so fucking cool!!! my favorite show in the World just got a little bit better. nice win by the way!!

  21. Would play this b/c I love the show, thx for showing

  22. Nice…all about those early unlocks, get them in there! Nice to see the chance of a gooooood win in there!

  23. Nice bonus!

  24. I love the show and will have to play this slot. thanks for the vid

  25. Great win, I am glad you showed that one…..would you continue to play it in the future?

  26. Looks like fun. Certainly worked for you!

  27. Interesting game., something a bit different instead of a clone of another game

  28. I am a bit disappointed, I think the slot has been ruined as Friends. At least, this one can pay. Nice showing!

  29. Big win indeed! Kudos on the recording too, looks like it's tough to get it all :). Thanks for showing Mike

  30. Great win, take what you can get, it's better than having nothing at all.

  31. Awesome

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