NEW TICKETS! BIG WIN! 1 in 600! $5 Lucky 7’s Hunt & $2 Money Multiplier Texas Lottery

NEW TICKETS! BIG WIN! 1 in 600! $5 Lucky 7’s Hunt & $2 Money Multiplier Texas Lottery

[ad_1] Scratching Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. Will I find a big win? Stay tuned.
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  1. You missed the 1st # of the 4th row of the 1st $2.00 ticket.

  2. Cool wins!

  3. I like that Lucky 7s hunt, it looks fun

  4. You missed a number on the 1st ticket

  5. muy bien dulce yo le mande 200 dolares a mi amigo en colorado para que me compre ticlets y me los mande a dakota del norte lol

  6. Awesome profit session, TC!

  7. You missed one on the fourth row

  8. hi to candy please buy some one ticket for my brithday in augsut on 8 form mhopper in aussie love love and kiss candy dudes

  9. Nice profit session TC.

  10. I wasn't expecting that on the 2 dollar ticket! Nice win! I believe those lucky 7's are going to be brutal!

  11. Nice win,you're the first one I see winning on that $2 ticket!

  12. Very nice returns there!

  13. Nice profit TC, like those 2.00 tickets can you play more of those

  14. So happy you won

  15. nice wins

  16. sweet session! Congrats!

  17. Way to go Candy on the profit on that $40 win

  18. Why do u do scratch off tickets ur just wasting ur time and money tf

  19. That was quite the surprise! Love seeing wins like that on the lower tickets!

  20. Sweet Win! See ya next time.

  21. Congrats!!!! You did well!!! I watched Fixin to Scratch just before your post and all he got was $10.00 on the Lucky 7's!!! You did very well!

  22. Very nice profit session!!! I cant wait for the new Missouri tickets.

  23. Nice Wins TC!!

  24. Awesome wins TC!

  25. Good play

  26. Another great video TC!! I will have more fan mail headed your way asap, and if you want too use them towards a live stream you can do so.

  27. In Colorado, they do that to us with the $1 7-11-21 game and the $2 Super 7-11-21 game. The graphics and game number change; nothing else does. It's quite boring, honestly.

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