*NEW* WONDER 4 JACKPOTS™ MISS KITTY | Aristocrat — BIG Win! Slot Machine Bonus

*NEW* WONDER 4 JACKPOTS™ MISS KITTY  | Aristocrat — BIG Win! Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] She’s back! Here’s a big win bonus on Miss Kitty played on Aristocrat’s brand new slot machine Wonder 4 Jackpots! I’ve never gotten so many Miss Kitty sticky wilds. And talk about the perfect storm, I hit the MAX bet button by accident & bonused on the very first spin LOL. $8 bet ($2 per game window). Palms, Las Vegas. [ad_2]

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  2. I think you got your $8 back. 🙂 Nice accident turned out great. Love Miss Kitty and her Sticky Wilds.

  3. Nice, that was worth the bet

  4. lovly hit

  5. on the original mss kitty a feature like that for a 8.00 hit would have to pay at least 3 grand

  6. This new version is watered down as fark. $8 bet and basically full screen wilds for $268!

  7. I love these Wonder 4 Machines! Nice win!


  9. Great win!

  10. I love this particular version ( spinning wheel feature is my fav)…I went to Sycaun Casino San Diego , CA and I hit the minor prize $347.62 on wheel feature ;)…congrats btw, I love your channel.

  11. What a great going away present your last night in Vegas! Perfect game.

  12. How do you download heart of Vegas slots

  13. can someone be realistic 8 dollar bet with that almost full screen should have got you a couple grand…those new machines with the high max bets are crappy….sorry but its the truth

  14. Nice way to end your stay in Vegas.  Great job!

  15. Where is this machine at in Vegas?

  16. -instaler le jeu merci

  17. Amazing hit, congrats!

  18. Very nice win. Some mistakes are great to make when they turn out like your win. lol

  19. SUPER NICE Albert!! Love Miss Kitty…MEOW :)…Congrats!

  20. still a shit win for an $8 bet, all those kittys  and no good paying symbols

  21. Oh God, I've done that, (Accidentally hit the max button) but I've never had great results. Congratulations!!!
    Wolfy 🙂

  22. almost full screen of kitties great hit! yhe cats dont lock up on the first line right?

  23. Great timing to hit the wrong button!  Congrats on the awesome win.  I love this new Wonder 4 machine — hope we get it soon.  I want my WWII back!!!!!

  24. Wow, 14 out of 16 Kitty Cats…awesome and a lucky $8 bonus! Man, that was cool 🙂
    Congrats…winning on the last day is the BEST!

  25. +DSK Slots & Fruits Thanks DSK! In your case, you betting £15.00 instead of £1.50 is a huge X10 difference LOL. I can't wait to check it out!

  26. damn nice win for sure i couldnt hit crap on the base game. glad u had some luck

  27. that was awesome! you gotta do the kitty kat noise when u play thou ray rayyyyy!! :)) that retriggers the bonus!

  28. That was nice to hit max. I'm guessing your first and last time betting $8 on this. It will be fun to watch super free games on kitties.

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