New York scratch off BIG WIN WATCH!

New York scratch off BIG WIN WATCH!

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  1. Cant see anything. Is camerman on ludes?

  2. Gotta keep that camera still man

  3. great win

  4. No that's a good video for you that's your damn money

  5. That was a great win

  6. "Big win"


    $50 on a $25 is nothing. Disliked for straight clickbait.

  7. Hey Mr New York,
    Me and my Daughter are trying to get Scratchers from all states that have them . We will pay whatever the cost plus shipping if you would be willing to send a few to us . We would be very great full and if you dont want to we understand .. if you do you can reply to this message or email me at. thank you so much for your time and God bless. Sincerely,
    Joshua & Briana Sebree

  8. Hey! check out my channel! New to the scratch world!! I'll definitely subscribe back!

  9. Happy New Year Man Sweet Hits!!!!!:)

  10. love the video man glad to see you got a gopro now

  11. Joel is that you?

  12. sub to my channel pls

  13. "make these videos and spend the money" what to fuel your gambling habits? All successful youtubers were not in it for the money. It came because they had talent. You get ad revenues so you can blow it on lottery. It's shame…

  14. Nice job. I like the speed. You move quickly and thats excellent. I also liked you didnt slobber over your wins. You kept it moving and went on to next scratcher. I also liked you didnt read the "rules" of the scratcher card. Couple suggestions: 1/ Your camera moves too much. 2/ Also, the camera many times was too far away for us to see the numbers you were scratching. It isnt enough for you to narrate. We want to see it happeneing in real time. 3/ Your lighting is somewhat reflective, could be improved.

  15. can you do 2 Poker, Extra Play, Uno, and I <3 NY in the same ? :3 <3

  16. nice win bro 60$ proffit

  17. Nice video

  18. I was going to video my scratch offs that I bought the other day but I figured…nahhh…when I get my big prize it will be televised….

  19. You missed 29 on the second one

  20. Just a sugg. Maybe even after you scratch the ticket off and you think it's a loser you should always scan it with the barcode reader at the retailer, can't tell u how many times that's machine saved me
    Lol good luck bro

    Ps. Maybe you could do some of the new tickets that just came out the wheel of fortune or the monopoly or the 7-11-21 or the new triple game

  21. Big win? Hum no I hit 50 on $5 tickets all the time and 50 on a $10 ticket is nothing

  22. I like your channel imma sub. I love doing scratch off cards like you

  23. nice win

  24. Nice hit :3

  25. Nice win I just started my own scratch video to bad I only have 1 subscriber.

  26. 29

  27. Proud to see that this video hit 10,000 views and I'm at 160 subscriber!

  28. Is there a phone app to check your scratch tickets ?

  29. Try "Bejeweled". I love that game from the New York Lottery. Good luck.

  30. Nice win bruv

  31. Nice win

  32. Yo please try “The Good Life"

  33. So I watched some guy win on his scratch tickets. What good does that do me? Big deal. Makes me feel worse cause I always lose.

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