Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (10th March) l Warframe Fortuna

Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (10th March) l Warframe Fortuna

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Biggest issues here will be having to sign in 5 dif days to do the sortie!

Let me know how you feel about the new mic, I might have to edit some settings. [ad_2]

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  1. I'm pretty sure anyone who plays Warframe and knows what Sorties are plays every day for hours

  2. Mine all done apart from sortie one I'm on tier 14

  3. It's a moon, not a planet. triggered

  4. Sortie everyday is bs man I already had to miss one

  5. Smoke sortie everyday.

  6. Profit taker phase 3 counts as a bounty. By far the fastest.

  7. for the exterminate challenge, do the eris extermination cuz there are no alarms

  8. the mining tool you get on fortuna is the end lvl one that you recieve in PoE. so i didnt bother getting it there but on fortuna it also checks around you for veins

  9. i did the lvl 30 exterminate in the void and was seen, i did it in yesterdays storie lol used a archgun and got the standing from it.

  10. For the exterminate weekly just use a equinox focus farming setup

  11. wtf for invis warframe u can use loki, ivara or other invis wf (pretty sure ppl think octavia)

    why my ash boy often treated as a side kick for invis wf?

  12. For extermination, I used Loki with an Ignis Wraith with max ranked Hush on it. 100% to be silent so enemies dont get alerted.

    You can probably use just about any primary as long as you have a max Hush or anything else that makes it silent.

  13. Long winder is dependant on warm weather which is tricky due to very short warm period. So, the alternates are tromyzon which is a rare fish of cold weather, which is very long or the charamote as it’s a cave fish, larger than synathid and is independent of the cycles. The oxylus sentinel will highlight nearby hotspots which will improve quality of life.

    For the exterminate mission without being detected, any sortie exterminate mission will do, or high tier like adaro. The enemy alert level or the alarms doesn’t matter at all. All you have to do is be invisible. Best choices are Octavia and Ivara. If u use Loki are ash, keep watch on the ability timer, as you will need to get cover while recasting your invisibility.

  14. >Does Adaro Focus Farm with Equinox
    >Completes Silent Eliminator and daily

    Also, I got shot while doing it and it still completed it anyways (though the alarm wasn't sounded, and it was just one enemy)

  15. Do you think people will be able to reach level 30 even if they miss a few 5,000 point tasks?

  16. without being detected means alarms, not being seen. I did it in the void exterminate just running around because there are no alarms they can set off

  17. You don't need bait for the fishing. I was doing the scanning quest for the community event and in each cave that had the 'hotspot' I just equipped the new fishing spear and hung around a few minutes. Took probably a total of 10 minutes to get 6 rare fish, 0 bait. I could have been super lucky, but I was getting the rare fish in a multitude of places.

    Also pretty sure the Orb Vallis mining laser will yield rare gems on PoE as well.

  18. You don't have to be invisible for completing 30+lvl Ext. You just have not to raise the alarm. I got it with banshee with the augment for 3rd ability.

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