Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (17th March) l Warframe Fortuna

Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (17th March) l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] If you are farming for ivara make sure you get all three of the data vaults!

Hope you found this helpful! I tried to make this one more structured. Also I forgot to mention I’m excited to try the grakata augment!

AMP for gilding :

Kitgun playlist :

Top 10 profit taker: [ad_2]

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  1. You can guild a moa as well right?

  2. Clean guide. Subbed asap

  3. Fortuna been out for 3-4 Months, at MR 10 you only need one month and 2 weeks to max it, PC players bitching in this only have themselves to blame.. Now Switch players that git Fortuna on late Jan they can bitch and moan.

  4. Don't use your Forma in the Simulacrum! It won't count towards your NW progress.

  5. You can guild the mote amp, so if you just want ez standing.

  6. I dont need a Quide telling me that i can combine 3 spy missions with the open 10 relics challange i get it every Warframe Partner doing this Nightwave quides now got to upload them fast no time for useful tips. You can gild the mote amp no need to buy parts everybody can do it its fast. Last week you could do the exterminate without triggerin alarms in the Void there are no alarms. The Lua Puzzle rooms could be done bye doing the orgen puzzle 4 times in a row and so on. Ok maybe these quides are more for beginners but you can buy a Forma bundle for 35pl realy ? Useful tip would be if you cant do it skip it

  7. Well my new Zaw is ungilded so that's easy. but profit taker? Yeah I am not gonna be doing that one this week.

  8. If you play every day and do your sorties, dont rush any of the "Do X ammount of X mission", wait till weekend, probably you will do almost all of thoose by daily playing.
    If you are on weekend and still didnt complete thoose, then do the faster/easiest or the one you want to do.

  9. If you need a guide I'd count your chromosomes. Jfc

  10. Can get all those kills in one mission

  11. It’s not an opinion it’s a fact mobile defense sucks

  12. The profit taker one isn’t fair especially to console

  13. I already done all except the except the exploiter with a friend
    I usually do it alone and I'm chat restricted so I cant really invite anyone without discord

  14. So a few days ago I was farming murkray and formaing a lot of my stuff, a day after that this nightwave comes out

  15. 10:41 agreed 🙂

  16. No bullshit to force me to stay 1 hour in the same mission trying to not fall asleep. I'm fine with that even despite the fact that you need rank 5 SU that is not achievable in 1 week and I can see how people who didn't grind Fortuna can be upset. Overall I'd say DE is starting to learn that we're not robots. Also I finally have a reason to finally get up from my ass and forma my gear.

  17. Can someone taxi you to profit taker fight ?

  18. Mote amp is pre-built, doesn't take additional resources to craft other parts and can be gilded.

  19. Now I am being punished for being able to do Profit Taker but none of my friends can, well done DE, well done.

  20. You can easly complete multiple missions by doing fissures, this includes each type of mission, 1500 enemies to kill, relics mission (bruh) and most likely gilding one thanks to exp from fissures.

  21. Guilding and Forma.
    Luckly I still need to level some Amps, but the need to checking my entire equipment to find a build that may want another Forma is a bit mean :c

  22. Sigh, damnit I spent yesterday putting 10 forma on Baruuk and Desert Wind….way to be a day early

  23. Well, fuck you too DE.

  24. Good thing I waited on my last amp. Also I a not the only one who is sick of nightwa- To do list simulator am I?

    Edit: Guess I will be busy helping people with profit taker on Xbox.

  25. I love but hate this system… I love the idé of daily/weekly missions in warframe but i dont like how little off time u have. From what people have calculated you Will be able to get to 30th once then prestidge and Only be able to get Another 12 levels.

  26. I understand what he is saying but word to the wise, DON'T EVER BUY FORMA! Just crack relics and you be fine, you all have a Great Day.

  27. On buying a forma bundle for 35 plat… if you want to save yourself 5 plat when you're doing a relic mission pick a forma blueprint if it comes up then you can build it. it takes 24 hours to build one so that's 3 days for the 3 needed or you can rush for 10 plat each which saves you 5 plat

  28. Which ones are more valuable? The orokin catalyst or reactor?

  29. Peoples who aren't rank 5 SU: RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  30. Gild a modular item, so i have to wast resourses to build a kitgun that ive alredy mastered and have multiple versions of already… awsome

  31. What about those who don't have standing level to guild shit, nor the time to grind standing.

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