Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (24th March) l Warframe Fortuna

Nightwave weekly challenges guide tips/tricks (24th March) l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] I have confirmed that hive sabotage does not count for the challenge. Just stick with the earth mission (or void if you prefer that)

Also here are the weekly creds rewards. I reccomend the vania revenant helmet and the jaw sword BP [ad_2]

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  1. May I add one tip to the sabotage challenge: DO NOT do Sedna Crossfire Sabotage! It happened to me on 3 different runs that Caches spawned inside the infested growth, therefore making it impossible to get 3 caches per run. Just a heads up!

  2. Nun of my night wave is counting I’m getting pissed off because nun of them are working

  3. 40 waves seems to have been replaced with kill 100 eximus.

  4. Good thing that i have a lot of apothics also for syndicate missions if you did like me level up 2 syndicates to the max got everything then switched to another syndicate you probably dont have 3 or 6 daily mission but 9 oh and i play solo so no index or defense for me

  5. 7/10 weeks left I’m sitting at 16 how th is anyone suspose to get to 30 does that mean I have to farm the shit out of the fugitives wth de you tried to make rewards from alerts easier to get and not timed but yet still made it worse I want that energized dammit I’ve played this game for 3.5 years 8 hours each day I damn well deserve it oh who am I kidding they probably just throw towards the new players like they do with everything

  6. Good video sir, don't apologize for its lenght, I just watched a video about the same topic from a 200K subcribers channel and it was just 5 minutes of lazy commentary filled with misinformation… Keep up the good work !

  7. In my opinion the easiest sabotage with caches is in the void. I ussually find all of them in under 5 minutes (solo).

  8. Day trader not working I'll have to do it again today

  9. Yeah I did day trader and it didn't work

  10. The Simaris Scan can be done in one day if you haven’t done the personal targets as those need 10 targets

  11. Thanks, but please considering doing these vids where there's mostly text on screen in 1080p cos the blurry text makes my eyes bleed.

  12. Got the rep for index but it says not completed,…….. Possible farm!

  13. I carry scrubs through sorties daily. If its gonna take me the same amount of time regardless I just dont see the reason not to.

  14. Did the Day Trader as a nova solo in low risk and stupid opticor… FeelsGoodMan

  15. How do you get eidolon shard as decoration ??

  16. I personally prefer to do Ishtar on Venus for Sabotages

  17. For fishing in the plains i found Norg to be the easiest and have better spawn rates than murkry

  18. For simaris targets you can also cap personal synthesis targets

    Edit: Also limbo/hildryn work great as a index carry for prodman (at lower lvls hild/rhino are prolly best)

  19. Hey for Index User 2 umbras with sniper stay in Operator and the Job is Done one Rhino for Points and a Limbo for Block the corpus. Sry for my Bad english ^^

  20. For The Silver Grove mision, i sugest you guys do the Mantle nod on Earth, a easy capture mision. Cave spawn on that mision is like 9 times on 10 runs

  21. This week looks like the most tedious one.

  22. Aaaand DE still didn't learn the difference between "challenge" and "chore".

  23. I don’t wana get. Plants I’m a space ninja I don’t got now time. For plants

  24. Ahahaha, I knew I was stockpiling apothics for a reason

  25. Looks like each week we will get a derpy quest.
    I completly forgot that the Silver Growth Specters exist. So there is something nice about them 😀

  26. Honorably mention to Revenant for index. Mesmer skin has the bonus of stunning the enemy that hits you, as well as being invincible.

  27. Last video, you stated that you would be going over the new Wolf cred offerings each week. What happened?

  28. 40 wave counted for me. Octavia on Io, Jupiter makes it trivial. We did it in 31 minutes.

  29. Strange, my challanges are not bugged, its all working perfectly, wonder what is causing that issue, its not for everyone

  30. hate index so won't be doing that.

  31. I was waiting for this vid, especially for the Index explanation 🙂 I just logged off after completing some of the challenges, I didn't have any issues with the Nightmare missions so I guess I was lucky (I did 2 solos and 1 in a pub). For the Sabotage challenge, I picked Terminus on Mercury, cause I like Galleon tilesets and it's low level (8-10). As usual, thx for the tips Gaz!

  32. Did the index and it can be re-done. Did not got the second time and left after round 2 to avoid any type of exploit.

  33. I like the challenges this week, the 40 wave defense gave me an actual reason to do a defense again.

  34. Hive sabotage does not count! Do earth or void sabotage instead IMO


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