O’ Fortuna — Apotheosis (Apocalypse Mix)

O’ Fortuna — Apotheosis (Apocalypse Mix)

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  1. The best version

  2. Grande It del mio dj set su radical record

  3. Place called Spectrum…early to mid 90 s great place to sweat to the tunes…especially this one…Savannah,GA.

  4. This is my all time favorite remix ! I was looking for it and found it. Thanks for posting!

  5. always the last song of the night at OZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. and I was lucky enough to get to dance to it back in the glorious 90s

  7. Anyone else here because they remembered hearing it with footage from ALIENS?

  8. I love this one, but there's one with DJ Vance and Tutti Frutti I can't find it! Can anyone?

  9. ZOMG!!!! I finally found the proper title for the music file I had (before ITunes) for YEARS. All I had was "My Last Fight — Gackt — Dirge of Cerberus". And because the music is so loud, I could hardly pick out any words to go off of. Thank you!

  10. I dance at a local gentlemen's club and I dance to this all the time. I freaking love it

  11. You have the name of the group and the name of the song switched.

  12. Epic rave.

  13. I SO VERY MUCH LOVE this song! My favorite techno song of all time!

  14. Mocht toen niet op de radio gedraaid worden wegens plagiaat

  15. 23 years later and I still love this track, I'm lucky enough to own the 45 rpm version of this 😉

  16. Funny they were sued… the original release credits Carl Orff as the writer, which suggest they or his estate would have been sent royalties. Track still fuckin rocks 20 years later!

  17. Me,too.I used to sweat,get very hot but i didn't care.Good old memories from this song.;-)

  18. this takes me back to tracks in dc when it was like a show to go their!! good times!!

  19. SHITS SICK!!!! I remember dancin my ass off to this shit…lotsa sweat. LOL.

  20. this song makes me wanna scream !!
    man oh man what is it good !! back then, and still some 20years later !


  22. @ObsceneParanoia Go listen to Justin Bieber.

  23. @ObsceneParanoia Ah, youtube…Where else can I go for the refreshing smell of 'butthurt purist' so early in the morning?

  24. i loved clubbing in the early 90's to this song. so many memories. techno has changed so much over the years. i wish it was like the good old days.

  25. tocava na toco manooo

  26. essa musica e ferra caraaaaaaaaaa uhhuuuuu

  27. In 1991, when the Belgian group named Apotheosis produced a heavily re-sampled version of "O Fortuna", the estate of Carl Orff (who died in 1982) successfully sued to stop the distribution of the record on the grounds of copyright infringement. The verdict also reflected to Fortuna's version which in the week of the verdict just reached the #1-position in the Dutch charts "Mega Top 100", while Apotheosis was at #4. The week after, the two songs slipped down that chart in an unprecedented way.

  28. Credit goes to Apotheosis for this mix, Thumbs down to the estate of Carl Orff for suing them (read below)

  29. This song is a shot of adrenaline ….. great memories from my dancing days …. 90's ….heeellllll yeeeeaaaahhhhh …..

  30. If my youth had a soundtrack for my early clubbing days, this would definately be included.

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