«O Fortuna» Carmina Burana, Carl Orff — PIANO SOLO P. Barton, piano

«O Fortuna» Carmina Burana, Carl Orff — PIANO SOLO P. Barton, piano

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This recording was made with the 4th Harmonic Pedal invented by Denis de La Rochefordière

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  1. I'm learning this right now, same version. In watching your fingers, especially the right hand, it looks like you're doing it as written, but it certainly doesn't sound like you're actually adding the right hand notes the don't seem to belong there. Meaning, I play it as written and it's awful compared to what the mind knows of the song. The right hand middle and index finger notes throughout this peace as they duplicate the left. It's just awful and I don't hear those notes at all in this recording even though the video shows you playing them. My question is did you cut those notes out and just showing the video of you playing them? It was the first thing I thought of doing when I heard how the written notes sounded and how it sounds crippled to what O' Fortuna sounds like. Even if you did cut them out, I'm just curious because it would be smart to do and either way it's an incredible performance.

  2. OMG

  3. Mon moment préféré du piano c’est à 0m33

  4. Brilliant interpretation and epic performance, Paul! Really great stuff!

  5. Epic

  6. works suprisingly well for piano.

  7. This needs more views

  8. Astounding performance. I am dumbfounded. Yet another piece I want to learn because of you.

  9. I love it…someone have the music sheet?

  10. I'm utterly blown away at how well this translates over for piano.I would have never thought. And how masterfully delivered, to boot, Mr. Barton.

  11. Аплодирую стоя!!! Мое почтение!! Оооочень круто!!!!

  12. Amazing!!!!

  13. It's sounds so fckin epic daaaamn

  14. Lindo!!!!

  15. Magnificient!!!!!!

  16. Enthralling.


    Real intelligent comment here, savor it

  18. Wowzers…..!!!!

  19. As I was listening to this… I kept having flashbacks of the move, 'The Omen'. Does that make any sense?!

  20. Just simply amazing…. Beautiful and stunning rendition of a musical masterpiece!

  21. Epico!!!!

  22. Is the opening played in fortefortissimo / fff?

  23. Simply wonderful. I was wondering if you could do Bruckner's Te Deum.

  24. amazing!

  25. Very very difficult. Bravo!

  26. you never cease to amaze me

  27. O my! Brilliant.

  28. So POWERFUL! Thank you. You inspire me.

  29. Epic!

  30. Bravo! Was that done with just two hands, or a piano duet? Great arrangement. Impassioned performance. the kind of dramatic I can only dream of producing.

  31. génial

  32. amazing!!!!!!

  33. Wow! Extraordinary!

  34. One Motherfucker don´t understand about music haha

  35. bravo bravo bravo bravissimo!

  36. 0 dislikes

  37. Wonderful playing!
    Although I would arrange the beginning somewhat differently, this piece has been beautifully transcribed from the original work!
    And so you know: I'll be singing the Carmina Burana with my choir (Beauvarletkoor Koksijde) the 29th october, this year!

  38. I love Carmina Burana! And as Piano version it is absolutely stunning!

  39. this song is so epic! I'd really love to play it, but my hands are s bit too small and slow for the first notes…..

  40. I hardly control myself not to be buried into the depression graves in the face of your talent. Omg! I envy soooo much, I suffer from not having the opportunity of learning to play the piano whenever I see your performance. If only I was was grown up in musically intellectual conditions :((((

  41. O Fortuna!!!

  42. Absolutely great!!!!!!!! You're amazing Paul!!!!!

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