O Fortuna — Carmina Burana — guitar cover

O Fortuna —  Carmina Burana — guitar cover

[ad_1] I always wanted to arrange»O fortuna» for classical guitar.
Now I finished the arrangement and I hope you will enjoy the great music of Carl Orff.
for sheet music: wolfgang.vrecun@chello.at


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guitar: Simon Marty
strings: HANNABACH Titanyl
recording: video: Sony HDR-CX105E
mic: Rode NT1A [ad_2]

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  1. Wow increíble tono

  2. Хороший кавер, хорошей музыки.

  3. You are a legend!

  4. Hubiera sido perfecta si no hiciera eso que hace con la quinta cuerda, no sé cómo se diga pero eso que hace le quita lo épico.

  5. Great interpretation, very strong playing — excellent.

  6. Hi Wolfgand! where can i get the tabs!?

  7. Reminds a little music from the game The Witcher)) Wonderful execution.)

  8. Excellent cover. I love watching stuff like this. Regular Joe tearing ass up on a hard was composition. I love the o Fortuna and this is a truly great guitar rendition of the piece

  9. I recommend buying the tab from Wolfgang if you need help learning this great arrangement.

  10. Wow

  11. Amazing

  12. Muy bien señor es usted grandioso

  13. can you send me the tabs thank you

  14. Pasa las tabs

  15. Amazing arrangement, so powerful, so much going on, love this song full of emotion!!

  16. Great playing..thank you

  17. Превосходно

  18. Tabs Please….

  19. Wow! Thank you Sir!

  20. Do you know who this guitarist is?
    A legend who perfectly played a masterpiece

  21. Excelente trabajo, muy buena interpretación. I liked.

  22. Also, mit einer Gitarre habe ich O Fortuna noch nie gehört. Eine andere, aber sehr interessante Version, die sehr gefällt.
    Ob man das mit einer E-Gitarre spielen kann und würde das noch kraftvoller klingen??

  23. Este es un diosss :'v

  24. Epic! You captured all the energy and tension from this song! Never thought I would see someone playing it on the guitar. Thank you for sharing this true piece of art with us. Hugs from Brazil!

  25. holy motherf**king moly .. this is without doubt a massively great cover and huge skills.. you made my day o' mighty old man!

  26. genial, maestro

  27. fucking awesome!

  28. Que lindo!

  29. I liked too much your arrangement of this Orff great piece. I think that Herr Orff would be very proud of hearing you playing his composition! Congrats.

  30. I would never have imagined that song would be possible to perform on a guitar. 🙂

  31. this one deserves more views!

  32. Que chingón !!

  33. Really enjoyed this Wolfgang! I'm going to need to start working this one. Stellar job!

  34. Bloody epic

  35. excelente!!
    (y) (y)

  36. Brilliant , love it

  37. That was just as glorious as I expected it would be. Thank you.

  38. Holy Shit balls! Well done.

  39. bello! bravo

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