O Fortuna — Fingerstyle Guitar — Instrumental

O Fortuna — Fingerstyle Guitar — Instrumental

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As a rule, I generally don’t cover songs with lyrics. But a close friend asked for O Fortuna and I thought I’d try it out as an experiment. I liked what came of it enough to make this song the last track on the new covers album.

Tuning: F# C# F# A C# F# then capo the 2nd fret.

«Revisited» album photo by Kyle Robinson

Filmed with a Canon 7D. Recorded with Logic. Played on a Yairi Alvarez DY70.


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  1. this version tops the orignal version by a long shot , this version is Awesome

  2. Incrivel! Maravilhoso!

  3. Captivating!

  4. I love your music… I like it very much and hear it often…

  5. I don't know why but nearly every single track you put out just gets my imagination going. This one gives an image of a race against time, it has a sense of urgency i just don't think the original has. absolutely brilliant. absolutely love the bass line in between the main melody… epic. (Fairly sure i described that with the correct musical terms, if not, sue me 🙂

  6. Amazing, not gonna try it yet but always good to have distant objectives :P.
    Also always wondered how some Fingerstyle players always come with different weird tunings for their arrangements. Do you create it on standard and from there, you transcribe to other tunings that allows more complex bass, melody, fillers?

  7. Eargasm, simply!

  8. Then there's me who can only do the main melody. I can't even describe how good this is.

  9. fffffffffffffff

  10. Amazing!

  11. AMAZING!

  12. Great music, great player, best performance ever seen…

  13. el magnifico

  14. Wow… Impressive

  15. I'm speechless, breathless. Thank you.

  16. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent. I appreciate it. Greetings from Guatemala.

  17. Gorgeous.

  18. how do you prevent your nails from chipping and breaking? I have a huge problem with that so I now started playing more on my nylon strings, and some songs need the sound of steel strings.

  19. Stud.

  20. C'est juste BEAU ! 🙂

  21. Time to get off youtube and start practicing

  22. That was amazing!!

  23. This is just incredible. Forgive me asking but is there a chance you would make a version to the O Fortuna piece only which is about 2:40 long? Thanks in advance and for sharing your immense gift

  24. Check out those claws!

  25. Amazing

  26. He nailed it, he REALLY nailed it

  27. Bravo! Just Bravo!

  28. ??? :O .. u killed it

  29. c'est magnifique, merci pour le beau moment !!!

    that's wonderful , thank you for a good time buddy !!!


  31. Wow.. you got claws:3

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