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Ocean Magic Grand Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus — BIG WIN | EPISODE-1| Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

Ocean Magic Grand Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus — BIG WIN | EPISODE-1| Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

Welcome To Episode 1 ! Ocean Magic Grand Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus BIG WIN at Cosmopolitan Casino In Las Vegas !
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  1. My dear SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWERS , please leave a comment and share with me your opinion , so I will know what you like or what you dont like , and in July I can make another one for you again with 30 Episodes !

  2. $1 Original Jungle Wild 5 line max.

  3. 17 games @ $5 a slap for $51… That bonus is horrible, sorry NG it ripped you off bad 🙁

  4. The second bonus was real awesome good luck man hope u hit it big

  5. I love when you play. I only watch when you win. I feel bad when you lose. Do whatever makes you happy.

  6. Can you play some of the old machines ! I love the lotus slot if you can best of luck Ng !!

  7. These type of machines don;t know bonuses—hahahahahahhaa trust me—can see them, so horribly made machines

  8. Really enjoy your videos NG. I like the way you talk to the machine. "Show me the power of your bonus."

  9. I love this game. We have the old version here too and I have only had the free spin on it once, but it was a good one. Love the giant bubble though, the potential is huge. Great job and thank you for doing this NG. We really appreciate it!

  10. I love the idea of this series. It already started out with one of my fave slots. And you doubled your money. Good Job NG!

  11. GOOD JOB NG!

  12. Good job ng!

  13. First time watching you. Love the format.

  14. Love it. Thank you.

  15. You are just adorable…you make me laugh….shame to you, is actually shame ON you. LMAO.

  16. Love the new $500 per episode format NG! Great first episode

  17. NG youre working really hard! Love the new episodes daily!

  18. What a great start to the month. Good luck in June. I'm in Vegas the next few days Hope we run into you somewhere.

  19. Fun idea of 30 episodes in Vegas.for June! Good luck in Vegas!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Awesome videos NG! Thank you for posting.

  21. Play Zeus or Kronos unleashed its so fun and excited and addicting!

  22. I love your videos! Thank you for all your videos and new games!

  23. Great beginning to 30 days of June with NG! You and your channel are the BEST. I have so much appreciation for all you do, thank you, for creating and sharing. It is so fun watching you "fight" the slot machine and see the "power of the bonus" it gives you.

  24. I like your videos. They help me preview a machine without losing my money. I am able to see which machines I will like and which will be most profitable for me.

  25. Good game play NG!

  26. Good job ng!

  27. You must be rich!!!!!!

  28. Loved watching this fun session, NG! Glad you made a nice profit! You're off to a good start in Vegas no doubt! Keep winning….you can DO IT! Show Me The Power!!!!! Love you and enjoy your videos so much, NG! Thanks for sharing with everyone. You're doing awesome!

  29. Good win

  30. all your videos are great!!! along with your positive attitude and the way you interact with all including other channels!! i personally would like to see some older machines!!!

  31. Love the format great job NG

  32. You are doing a good job. Looking forward to the rest of the episode's.

  33. I like being able to see all the different slot machine games and learning how they work. We do not have slot machines anywhere near where I live

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