Ocucor — The Mini Amprex

Ocucor — The Mini Amprex

[ad_1] Ocucor — The Mini Amprex is a fairly savage weapon that came with warframe Fortuna update. I will show you my build and give yall my verdict here…





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  1. Thank you Jizou! Immna get dis boi

  2. Ashisogi you never made a video of mesa


  4. I just now realized something. Is your name a bleach reference? Mayuri Kurotsuchi's bankai? Ashisogijizou?

  5. Could we get a boar prime and a soma prime verdict? 😀
    I mean soma prime, the AK-47 of Warframe!

    I also like your not-at-all-shitty channel!

  6. Great video, Could you please do How to inaros?

  7. this guy is nice. i like how he greet his followers at the end

  8. Ocucor = Hentai Gun & Hentai Gun = Hydroid's Wet Dream

  9. How to nova!!!!

  10. Can u make a vid going on about how to mod things correctly because I have i big problem when I just shove everything on a weapon/frame

  11. 0:30 but i never had a one of those to begin whit….
    2:58 terrible indeed

  12. Still waiting for Fortuna on Console.

  13. And at the end say "dale me gusta a esta mierda de canal y vallese al carajo" 🙂

  14. Say in the next video… swaz dulah tenno… Que carajo es la que hay? Just practicing my spanish.

  15. Just when I needed something spicy. Thank you Mayuri Senpai.

  16. Next time can you say : swazdo lah pitiful mortals?

  17. For once you actually did it right.
    Good job

  18. Dont insult the amprex please

  19. Plz how to nxy

  20. Have you gotten ur tat yet?

  21. It looks and shoot just like the strongest amp

  22. Can you do a video on bows cause mine do really do shit to any enemies

  23. Ocucor= Hentai Boy's best friend 7w7

  24. Omg

  25. People keep putting Lethal Torrent on everything to complain about ammo economy.
    AMMO > DPS, put fucking elementals instead

  26. Reported Ocucor not resetting beams when reloaded with holster mod, thanks

  27. I suppose I should build this…

  28. Question, since all senentiels now all have the vacuum mod, what’s good for getting the carrier?

  29. What is his warframe?

  30. s u c c

  31. Who’s channel is the Jiizo or Operator

  32. Terrible channel?
    What happened to the shitty channel we love?

  33. yo jizo, ist es möglich, deinem clan beizutreten? ich suche nach einem großen, offenem und vernünftigen clan.

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