OhHeyMatty AMA With Fortuna

OhHeyMatty AMA With Fortuna

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  1. Here's a step by step guide to setting up a wallet and buying Fortuna (FOTA): https://getcrypto.info/fortuna/

  2. Great interview!
    Thank you very much!
    You are providing a critical service to all crypto investors, with your reviews, chart/analysis, and interviews!
    Hey, I sent you a private message here on Youtube, much love!
    Thanks for all you do, much appreciated!

  3. Hey Matt. Why am I booted off the Telegram group? I have been there for a long time and suddenly the group is not accessible for me any longer. Could you please look into this? I did nothing wrong or said nothing wrong nor did I advertise anything. My telegram is @shawnmerson. Thank you in advance.

  4. Great vid. I got in for max the 2.2 eth.

    Next on my radar is Chimaera platform.  Gaming coins are doing well and this is a platform… Well worth a look.

    Remember you from poker.  Cheers

  5. Did I hear Dubain´s market? Oh boy.. big time

  6. Matty, what screencast software do you use?

  7. Seems to me you are very good in whatever you do , but the last ICO you said were great were a bust for me: Tokenpay, Bluezeile and Experty..

  8. This is a great AMA Matty, thank you!

  9. @OhHeyMatty: Matty, thank you for your charting on ICOs that you share with the community! HOWEVER, I am curious why you spend so much time gathering info on ICOs in which US citizens are NOT allowed to participate. Surely YOU are a US citizen too. So PLEASE share how YOU participate so other US citizens and I can join in the profits. I am certain that you know how to join these ICOs because I am certain you do not do all of this work for ICOs YOU cannot participate in. Your guidance is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks from all of us in your community!

  10. Have you checked FinutruX Matty? Hear me out.. 75 mill supply, 25 mill hard cap. It's development partners with microsoft and has an A* team. It's lending , but look at how well SALT and LEND have done. This is much more professional, thanks for reading my comment

  11. Hay Matty …love your channel man …just wondering if you had any thoughts on the titanium ICO …there's a lot of chatter regarding it, but no creibled reviews

  12. Where has Oh hey Matty gone???
    We need your honest thoughts…

  13. Very good AMA.  Brian came across very well and the project has good potential.

  14. Great AMA … very insightful especially the OTC Derivates explanation.
    How does the value of the token appreciate?
    Congrats for your wedding plans…. Cheers!

  15. Hey Matty, Thanks for the video, seems like a huge one, just wondering how I can apply for your Elite group?

  16. 11:00. This goes against my experience. The OTC-Derivatives we trade (Currency forwards, Bond-Futures) are colaterilased by cash, which is locked away in a seperate account. This cash collateral will be adjusted daily and is enough to pay out one counterparty in the case of default of the other counterparty.

  17. Many thanks Matty. Is it possible to have a look at Tradove ICO? They seem to have a great team and a product. bbcoin.tradove.com

  18. straight up boss

  19. This is a terrific interview! Thanks!

  20. Thanks for doing this, is it possible to get a link to your discord? I've been following for awhile. Thanks!

  21. Great Video just did my KYC on it!
    Can you please review your ICO Sheet again like you did in december? I'm really interested in any updates.

  22. Mcdonalds Spicy wings, my man.

  23. So why are they asking only for $2 million dollars

  24. Thanks matty!

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