OMG! Kittens Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

OMG! Kittens Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

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While OMG! Kittens may fall into the «Cute Slot Machine» category, there’s surprisingly great potential here, with a little luck of course.

Like similar games released in this series, OMG! Kittens has over-sized premium symbols although the game has a feature where they can only fully land on a reel.

There are actually a lot of nuances to this game, where to begin?! In order to trigger the bonus, reels 1 thru 4 need to all have premium symbols and the last reel needs to have the special bonus symbol. Depending on which type land, you will either receive additional Free Spins, an increased Multiplier, or increased Scattered Awards during your bonus so every bonus as the potential to be quite different. Overall, I did pretty well as you will see, Enjoy!

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  1. Well I didn't understand that at all lol. Cute game. I had a cat named Tiger

  2. My dog comes running when I watch someone playing this game. "Whiskers" meow is his favorite.

  3. Cute kitties and nice wins !!!!

  4. Going to San Manuel today! Need your type of luck lol

  5. Automatically my favorite fame because of cuteness factor

  6. It was nice that you picked a time when all those kittens were playful instead of their nap time! Fun Video!!!

  7. Great video as always nice win!!!!

  8. I loved it.. great run mr. BP. Another great video

  9. I can’t take that game seriously at all.

  10. very nice video


  12. My advice for those watching this video… This is a mandatory machine ..badass one … Congrats big pay … Kitties love you lol

  13. I have just traumatized my 2 rottweilers by forcing them to watch this vid, if they ever get within 10 feet of you — oh dear!, but really dude come on get back on the meds they will help. Stay safe bro. Cheers from Scotland

  14. where do you play? come to Louisiana…namely, Kinder at Coushatta Casino Resort — you'd love the super high payouts!!!

  15. Villian:"Do you play baccarat, Mr. Bond?"
    Bond:"No, omg! Kittens is my game"

  16. This game is the "cat's me-ow!" Just kidding. Nice win!!!

  17. Another great day at the casino, congrats!

  18. The cuteness level on this game is "Off the Charts" lol

  19. In your Slot channel journey,did you ever think you would ever say "Come on Mr whiskers" haha

  20. That's a cute kitties machine with those Nice wins. LOL I loved it. Continue good luck and many blessings. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Great session ! Never played this or the puppies version before but now I want to ! Also, I have begun using your picking method…well, it finally paid off today when playing Golden Nugget online, hit for 600$. Thanks for the idea ! Best of luck to you

  22. Omg that's my favorite game I play it on my phone haven't found it in the casino that I play in but you did really good great game as always love to watch

  23. This game really gives me paws.

  24. First

  25. First

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