Online Slots — £1000 VS Extra Gold Bonus Buys Big Wins ??? Diamond Mine Extra Gold Slot

Online Slots — £1000 VS Extra Gold Bonus Buys Big Wins ???  Diamond Mine Extra Gold Slot

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41 комментарий

  1. Check out our review of Videoslots Here —

    Check out all of my offers now in one place at this link —

  2. Moaning lil bitch , stop and steps way better lmao

  3. Better off diamond mining irl I think Chip

  4. Ha ha ha u we’re broke and had no cash for food remeber ? Know I want to buy a bonus ? What a dick u are

  5. I bet even if you got the 30 spins, it could still be so shite….

  6. should've stayed banned these bonus buys. I won't forget playing Wolf Legend, deposited a grand, bought £75 bonus buy each time, gambled all the spins, never win the 3 streaks, it's a con in my opinion, put £3000 to win £500, good luck

  7. The bonus buys seldom paid, you'd be lucky to make profit 8/10 times whatever the bonus buy stake, I found they made for relatively good quick content for Youtube creators but videos like this are the norm, if you can get a hit off one, cash out immediately — they are such a drain, as I guess most people in the comments are also saying, any rate thanks for the vid and good luck in the a.m Chip

  8. THAT game is a fking joke…lost a grand the other day, doing the same as you and pretty much the same result…biggest killer is the muliplyer dont really pay much…fking joke of a game….

  9. I have never been a lover of buy ins . As rather play the game normal and get the bonus that way Chip

  10. how is this a bonus if its the only way you can play the game Chip ?!

  11. Disgusting this.

  12. think all slots are really bad these days , they went through a stage of paying out there , but when you see the amount of videos on youtube the majority are all losing , esp in the UK , I could easy put 2 grand on the commission turning a blind eye on whats going on just now

  13. This is just a bonus buy and a freaking rigged one totally screwed there should be banned this kinda crap

  14. What a dick! You put yourself “through these things” for YOURSELF!

  15. It only takes one and yes I will probably buy one at some point but I think one is enough then run away

  16. Disgusting, rigged should be banned again the pays are smaller than a proper feature no way your making money of these a disgrace!

  17. Not entertaining.

  18. wow.. the All action series is such a scam. Saw Linz rip within minutes. Not a single out of 5 gave her a profit
    on the buffalo all action one. Thanks Chip for showing us to never play this slot again. <3

  19. Wait for the Bandit to come back to YouTube and he'll get the 30 spins no probs!

  20. That put me off playing tonight slots tonight I’ll leave it cheers.

  21. wish you took more 20 spins to see what itll pay

  22. Lot of coulda been 24s

  23. Banned list

  24. And that ladies and gentleman is how you spaffing a thousand quid with fuck all chance of a big win.

  25. never been a fan of bonus buys. though have done few on extra chili, never got stake back.

  26. A grand so quick, that was painful to watch. This is why the government banned them but as usual the greedy bastards found a way to get around it. That's some people's months worth of wages there gone in minutes and why so many people kill themselves chasing to get their money back.

  27. I actually hit 1500x on this so i think it can pay just need to be lucky obvs but buffalo just just feels like a con

  28. As brutal as they come, thanks for posting this video Chip, it's a great advert to the danger's of bonus buy's, Blueprint need their arses kicked for bringing out these borderline legal slots, if the UKGC need to act then its now, these all action are actually worse than the original bonus buy slots that were outlawed!

  29. what we think ? Obvious crap

  30. I assume the graphics on the gamble don’t actually represent the true odds? If that’s the case aren’t they required to state this? Or maybe you just got massively unlucky, as seemed to be the case everything I played chilli!

  31. You on the bru?

  32. Thank you for exposing this game mate, sorry you had to loose a bag of sand to do so

  33. should have taken all the 24's at least to see if they were bad or good

  34. Had 30 spins 3 times only on 20p stake but paid 500x 680x 1000x

  35. That was brutal mate..bonus buys are so shit, you should of took 20 &24 spins and maybe could of been different cos you were winning the first 2-3 gambles nearly everytime.good video anyway pal.

  36. what a scam!

    unlucky mate.

  37. Chip your bonus is only 20 X stake. on the old bonus buy system that was a 100X stake. In value to the bonus I mean. If I was u I would put this one on the band list. It’s a big con. Worse than what was banned.

  38. Tilt fest mate..such an annoying game..feel your pain mate..

  39. Should have tried 24spins atleast you wiuld have an idea what it can do instead of aiming big and lose big

  40. Chips crashing and burning. £1500 on a bonus buy when in a hunt you would limit to £200. And to be fair the bonus isn’t very good. Sooner do it on white rabbit or something.

  41. Regardless of your result I think it's very easy to see this game isn't good. Thanks for making the video

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