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Online Slots — Big wins and bonus rounds Low Stake Tuesday

Online Slots — Big wins and bonus rounds Low Stake Tuesday

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  1. Todays slot review is here for you
    New slot review and this game looks amazing


  2. new page good but a bit busy in my opinion chip plus i have to look at your mush again on there hahaha

  3. Good luck guys.

  4. Love low stake tuesdays! And the site looks great. Keep up the good work and good luck xx

  5. Yeah page layout is cool i like it

  6. great lay out of the new site keep itup

  7. Love the page setup and great offers. Nice one chip.

  8. chip the your thumb nail is sloth reborn

  9. Good looking website which gives all the information you need.

  10. Well laid out website, easy to follow and plenty of great offers. Keep it going lads

  11. top notch stream there you two as all ways! i'll be watching the stream in a few hours lol.

  12. Site is clean easy to use

  13. am gonna bow out of this comp chip, just in case i did the impossible n won again i think its only fair pal, thumbs up, watching the vod now! 🙂

  14. The Layout is really good chip. The site its self is easy to navigate. You don't get those broken links you get with a lot of site's. Plus the colours and tones look great not to basic that makes it look shifty and not to obnoxiously bright and over done. Plus great video as always lads.

  15. Still a good site mate love the look and ease to navigate through it. Nice vid shame you didn't cash out. Good luck tomorrow

  16. Your mate Jim… lol

  17. We love you chip. And jord of course lol

  18. I agree chip in regards to the gambling stuff,, they are messing with free will and quite frankly its becoming a dictatorship.

  19. nice video chip and please don't vape on stream ;-))

  20. You look gaaaaaaaay on the new site chip 'wooooooioiw'

  21. I think the reason it's different is because noone sits down an loads up sports betting, or slots actually and does massive stakes (unless they can afford it). Then with slots when you lose you progressively click and build your bet so you're constantly gambling, look at your streams your stake goes up to £5 £10 when you start losing (not just you all streamers) whereas it's much easier to accept an accumulator loss when you've waited on the outcome over a few hours and only put £20 down? It's rare to see someone tilt and overbet on sports bets in one session. You can place the bet on a sound calm mind whereas you don't have the same mindset after 2 hours of losing on slots. You call it tilt!

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