Online Slots — Big wins and live slots with Chip

Online Slots — Big wins and live slots with Chip

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32 комментария

  1. Nice win at the end there Chip. See Bandit had it off on the same one on Casumo over the weekend. That tune though, sticks in my head forever lol….

  2. keep up the good work chip…

  3. Great video as always chip , keep up the good work, never get chance to watch streams live but one day.

  4. I personally don't care for big wins videos. I'm here for Chip, Jord and reactions to what crazy things slots can do.

  5. Nice stream..watched till the end

  6. Always best to collect 20 on extra chilli you would've won very little on 12 spins nice vid good luck on the next one ;0)

  7. great vid it worked well keep it up

  8. Chip my opinion is obviously I love your normal streams, but I don’t enjoy videos with no audio from yourself, it’s very hard to get a sense of wanting you to win , as the journey is what people enjoy about these videos, so in short I enjoy this video as a back up, but don’t enjoy compilations when the streamer isn’t present . Thanks mate and keep up the good work

  9. Gooooood one

  10. Great vid chip, glad your dry patch as ended. Long may the wins continue.

  11. Loved it!

  12. Loved it chip, more vids like that would be great!! Well done buddy.

  13. Love the videos as always chip. Look forward to the next one mate

  14. Hi Chip
    Loving the stream, great idea. Nice to see you on a Saturday mate.
    Great job, you are the best…

  15. Half a video of bonus buys yet again including the surprise at the end. It's easy to upload a bonus buy paying 900x but by not showing the 100s of lost buys you are giving a very dangerous and biased impression of the slot. Both Bandit and Rolla upload losing videos and both openly admit to disliking bonus buys yet you condone them. Guess you are just the luckiest streamer when it comes to bonus buys

  16. Great format Chip mate

  17. great video i enjoyed that more than just you playing the video was very entertaining thx and nice profit. great hit at the end very dangerous game thou by the looks of it. remember white rabbit when it first come out so many bonuses to get the retrigger hope the big ways and spins dont get that rare. do some more like this when you bored lol

  18. Cheers Chip — nice format — can’t watch live streams due to work so always good to have a video to watch in the evening

  19. Ok,

  20. Good to have something to watch on a Saturday night mate . Watch yours all midweek then bandit on a Sunday very rare to have a Saturday watch .

  21. Good to have something to watch on a Saturday night mate . Watch yours all midweek then bandit on a Sunday very rare to have a Saturday watch .

  22. Like the Stream do more of them

  23. Great upload as always mate

  24. do you still read comments? I watch everyday without fail and everyday I have that glimer of hope that you will play some novos. I know most of the sites you play on don't have them but with casumo and unibet do you think you could do one video of novos only?? it would make my week. thanks in advance

    A novo nut.

  25. Nice vid Steve…..I mean Jimbo….erm Craig….dammit….Chip! 😉

    In all seriousness though I like this type of vid which is why I watch the mentioned. Would be a good format to your repertoire for a weekend. Also nice that you can just go with the low and not have to monitor a chat section whilst playing.

  26. Casumo and Leo Vegas are scams imo

  27. I liked it a lot better than just the win

  28. More action the better. Thanks for the vid

  29. That was the creepiest smile in the world.

  30. I prefered this one mate. Not that I dnt like the other vids i do. This ones quicker and more action which was a good idea. And well done on the wins

  31. Now u mention it he does look like figo!!

  32. Your voice and sound is off

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