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Online Slots — Temple of Treasure Big Wins from offline play

Online Slots — Temple of Treasure Big Wins from offline play

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  1. Check out all of my offers now in one place at this link — https://chipmonkzslots.com/offers/

    Supporting me with sign ups at my casinos are very appreciated.

    Giveaway also now live for April http://thebestcasinos.bet/index.php?/topic/620-april-giveaway/

  2. Do you have to narrate the entire fucking game! King in here or a 9 here ect!! Just play the fucking thing!!!!!

  3. What about if someone wins and if theyre banned from gambling, couldn't you give them the chance to get you to do the spin for the comic book charity on there behalf ?

  4. Boring!!!!!!!

  5. a loss but a video with good entertainment pal as always dunno if i can make 9am due to work commitments but ill try me best driving down the A1 and watching your stream aint the best way but has to be done lol 😉 no work no money no money no play lol

  6. Some bad luck but still another entertaining video good luck tomorrow hope you win a few grand be lucky fella

  7. So if you are from a country that cant play on the casino you cant enter I'm assuming?

  8. Your legal guy has gave you some great advice about the illegible players that can enter. But has let you down with the copy of passport advice.

  9. you said you havent played offline for 6 days so whats this video chip???

  10. this is an uploaded video therefor offlline

  11. Thumbs up to you for talking about how you haven't gambled off stream for 6days and saying u got into a bit of bother. Wish everyone else was as honest as you. Well done.

  12. to times you added your win to det video its 600 pluss win to times sir chip

  13. I rather cut off my D than give someone a copy of my passport.
    also Temple is soooo rigged, you never get top symbol from that random symbol thing unless its 2 of them or less.

  14. 0n a extra scatter I would just pick the middle pick.

  15. another fantastically entertaining video chip thank you. good luck and bless you family ..
    p.s :went to KFC and ordered family bucket of chicken.. all that was inside was Jordan legs lol catch you on twitch tomorrow.. peace out

  16. Chip is it possible to enter the btg giveaway and the normal giveaway from novibet if you are not from the uk? Because i tried to sign up at novibet but i was unable to do it because i am from the netherlands

  17. love this game ,love buffalo more,but find that there is so many dead spins all the time,especially when you get a good bonus.keep up the good work and may luck be on your side!!

  18. Brass balls taking the mystery on the 6 scatter trigger pal

  19. Chips you need to be carful with the pass port requirement, would not touch it with a 10 foot barge pole, you have to make sure what requirement you have with holding any information for x amount of time, because of gpdr and other technical stuff, your PC gets hacked and someone uses the info for identity thrift you could potential liable "not saying it as fact not a lawyer, just know because I work in an office".

    P.s good luck, hope everyone picks 8 or a degenerate gets 24 and own the casino ROFL.

  20. I think that you are brilliant for doing the give away this way I have got in to the position of gambling and I have now signed up to gamstop through your website

  21. The bandits decided to take another break, chipy yr fast becoming my new favourite channel to watch.
    Nick slots is a con artist and jimbo has the most suspicious eyes I've ever seen, 9 times outta 10 the police would most likely stop and search jimbo because he looks like a dodge criminal

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