Opticor Vandal Build 2019 (Guide) — The Turbocharged Option (Warframe Gameplay)

Opticor Vandal Build 2019 (Guide) — The Turbocharged Option (Warframe Gameplay)

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With the Buried Debts event we also get the Thermia Fractures grind that awards us the new Opticor Vandal. Normally Vandal weapons are direct upgrades to their normal counterparts but in this case we are looking at more of a side-grade.
The weapon has received buffs to fire rate, charge time, critical chance, critical multiplier, reload speed and magazine capacity but also received a massive sixty percent base damage nerf.

Considering all of this many players are wondering if this is an actual upgrade or not. From a DPS perspective it is an upgrade but it comes at the cost of personality since what made the Opticor infamous was the huge amount of damage it can deal with a single shot. Perhaps the damage cut was a bit overzealous or we are missing something.
At the very least we now have an option to the weapon. You can either stick with the normal version of the Opticor and its iconic one shot damage or you can chose the Vandal for its agility, both weapons having the same mastery rank fourteen lockout which further confirms the idea of a side-grade rather than an upgrade.
Availability for the weapon is also iffy’ since so far it can only be obtained during the Buried Debts / Thermia Fractures event but at least it comes with an Orokin Catalyst Installed by default.

Taking a more objective look at the weapon, it does pack one serious punch and it’s fully capable of demolishing high level targets. In tests a Hunter Munitions base build has performed slightly better and now is more viable since the Opticor Vandal has a slightly higher Critical Chance.

What can I say ? It’s definitely not what I expected and perhaps that’s a good thing but somehow I’m still conflicted about the idea of a Vandal weapon being a side-grade. Perhaps if I had not used the normal version before the Vandal I would have thought differently but as things stand now I want to see a base damage increase on the Opticor Vandal. It needs to be an Opticor.

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  1. Hahahaha lol I hate this gun

  2. Mr 14? I'm mr 12 and still got it…

  3. Seticron Vandal

  4. Like first then watch

  5. I was initially prepared to be dissapointed in the vandal once I saw its lower damage stats. I'm very glad I was wrong.

    Spectra or Twin Vipers Wraith guide?

  6. WTH is Amalgam Serration!!!!!

  7. Hey lazer im right now mr10 so will i be able to unlock opticor vandal?

  8. 5:33

    Leyzar and his wife part 2
    (First part in his top primary weapons)
    Also 9:37
    Lets hope your wife doesnt watch your videos

  9. Prisma dual cleavers

  10. Hildrin? Never heard of that

  11. Disappointment vandal at its finest

  12. Opposite to most people, I like that they gave the Opticor Vandal a faster charge speed, as it is one of the main reasons I dislike the original one.

  13. Ah i see why you like mirage her "buffs" are quite good, mmmmmm dat ass

  14. do prisma grinlok next. xD

  15. I wish i cant get it soon

  16. Prisma grinlok next xD

  17. +4% CC and +10% SC is still not a good trade with -60% damage ..the weapon will remain as it was before .. MR fooder and no one will use it .. the main problem was the charge time and you needed like 1 or 2 mod slot to fix that 2.0 charge rate but now even with .60 charge rate that -60% dmg is hurts

  18. For me personally Opticor Vandal is exactly what i was hoping for, i take the usability in missions every day before those big damage numbers, i basically only ever used the normal Opticor for some testing in the simulacrum now i can use the vandal in the actual game.

  19. I can't help but notice that your fashion frame looks like an acolyte.

  20. talons review. kappa

  21. I am gonna use mirage cause I like her…..ah….. buttsry.. buffs

  22. Not even interested in the Opticor, but here I am.. Watching the video

  23. I would like to do a paper dps calculation of an Opticor Vandal with the most optimal damage riven versus a vanilla Opticor with a quality of life riven (charge, reload, magazine or damage stat if it would equalize the results bc I don't mind the default mag etc) to see who wins with Rivens while trying to emulate each other (because while I love my Opticor… it collects dust because of its handling). Because basically I already sank forma into vanilla Opticor, and if a riven would make it as decent as or better than the Vandal in handling then I would just look for that riven. But if the Vandal with equivalent handling turned out to maintain more damage, I'd choose to invest formaing the Vandal, if that makes sense. Edit: Oh ok I discovered the riven builder! But curses, I have no way to build a Vandal yet to compare. Anyhow the best Qol riven possible would bring vanilla Opticor to 1.031 charging speed, 1.122 reload, or 9 magazine (these are based on the strong dual stat values, not 3). I know a lot of people might think that'd be a waste of a riven, but it would save room diluting the build with firerate AND reload mods and I like that. Now I'll just have to wait for a dps test.

  24. Thats a 1 reroll riven WTF

  25. Great vid as usual. Srry had school lol

  26. Everyone in the world is missing the point.

    The Opticor is MR14. No one below 800 hours on warframe will have an opticor.
    You can get the Opticor pretty early in the game, it's supposed to be a weaker (but faster) weapon for the new players who cant use the normal Opticor until MR14.

    I got my Opticor way back in the day.

  27. That was fast

  28. Too bad i dont get that prisma grinlock

  29. I'm seeing lots of Prisma grinlock requests. I bet I know what your doing next eh leyzar.

  30. Meh… to each their own 🙂 I prefer Vandal version to normal one exactly for what you said — it's smoother to use 🙂

    But I'm kinda surprised about Heavy Caliber — but it seems it doesn't influence the weapon at all, does it?

  31. I'd rather have a 30% cc and 3x cd than a base damage buff. this would make the weapon more constant with crits.

  32. He needed one reroll to get that riven? better not talk about my Tigris -multishot 25 rolls xD

  33. Improve your accent please

  34. Erm, you are not getting "all this" damage in each beam. Well, you know it, but you told like each beam deals all this damage and that is not correct. This is damage of 2.5 beams (since that's a number of beams you'll be shooting on average).

  35. 1 roll riven. Ohh my

  36. Ey, could you please review new arch-gun is iorb valis valible? Worth crafting? Description seems cool, but strange….

  37. Tbh I'm fine with a side grade, I can use this when I want to chill with a big gun and use the other when I'm running around pretending I'm the Deathstar. Also the MIGHTY SEER does much much more damage….


  39. Im mr 18 and dont know how to build anything. Thank you very much, kind sir

  40. "Leyzar, what does the scouter say about it's effective puncture proc damage?"


  41. 8:37 One reroll! Some people are too lucky.

    Also yeah, I liked the old opticor that I never used, potatoed or formaed and was planning on doing that on the vandal until I realized it was just an opticor without the damage but still the annoying premature shots meaning it still wouldn't be fun to use it in random missions.

  42. It can change, many are complaining. I personally will not do farm it, that event is depressing AF, orb Fall is concept give me anxiety and don't feel like fighting, is more like mass suicide. The first round was fine, but from profit taker it turns into a chore instead of a game. It feels like work when the boss is rising the PO that has to go before lunch. Instead of the heist of the century. I just don't need two of the same weapons, after all that farming players deserve better.

  43. I'm weirded out quite a bit by seeing an Opticor without punchthrough… Isn't that thing innate?..

    As far as I see it, this version of Opticor gives 2 free mod slots (not 3 only because I have to use punchthrough mods now), and the main question here is, can I make proper use of these slots to get the weapon all the way to the level of normal Opticor…

  44. Idk, the vandal provides a choice for players. Want the best single target damage in a burst? Use the base opticor. Want better overall damage over time? use the vandal.

  45. Prisma Grinlok next please! I’m loving this thing.


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