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Outback Jack Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

Outback Jack Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

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Outback Jack is a classic retro slot where you win by landing winning paylines although the real fun begins in the bonus, of which there are many! Bonuses are triggered by landing 3 or more scattered bonus symbols after which one of the following features will be randomly awarded:

Gold Mine Feature: You dig up to 6 times for prizes and after each one you find, you can either dig again or take your reward. If you dig again and the cave collapses, you are awarded half of what you previously found.

Fishing Spot Feature: 7 free games are awarded and new fish symbols are added for scatter awards.

Great Sandy Desert Feature: 15 free games are awarded and any win that uses the special boomerang wild symbol will multiply your win by 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x!

Outback Jack card Feature: You choose cards for either a Credit Award or one of the Progressives. Two special cards will convert any of the crocodile cards to Outback Jack cards giving you a better shot at the Major Progressive!

Winder River Feature: You touch rocks for credit awards and if you make it across the river before falling in, your total prize is doubled!

Nippy Surf Feature: You select a surf board or the sea horse to ride — each of which has an associated credit prize and you attempt to make it to shore for an additional bonus prize.

Big Rock Feature: Win up to 10,000 credits multiplied by your bet multiplier that started the game.

All in all, even though I didn’t trigger all of the features, what a fun game, Enjoy!

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  2. Thank you for playing this- OBJ is my absolute favorite game and it is getting hard to find this classic!

  3. I am a fan of the classics and I remember playing a game which I can't remember the name that in the bonus round on a $.50 bet paid me 2,354x. Today's machines if they pay 50x it is considered a big win

  4. Classic game. Nice win!!

  5. One time I got the gold mine, and the first dig was the second highest, and the second dig (both without danger) was the top award. It was $300 on a $2 bet. You "bet" your ass I left really quick! LOL!

    The best feature on that though, is the great sandy desert free spins. If you land a boomerang on a line, it can multiply the win from 2x to 10x I think.

    The only thing that sucks about outback jack is the WAIT TIME to hit the "cash out" button to speed up the pay.

  6. I have never gotten a bonus on this game. Looks like fun

  7. I love Outback Jack

  8. Wow..you could have dug for one more..it would not have caved in on you!!

  9. I need to look for this one! I do love the old games; I was down to my last buck, so I decided to go play on Pompei…but for 7 cents. I got all five symbols — would've been $50 if I'd played the big money — a quarter — but oh well. Needless to say, the five symbol curse stopped that huge winning in it's tracks! (I got $3.50).

  10. Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Old School !!! 🙂 mine bonus is the best IMHO :0 Thanks 4 sharing 🙂

  12. I always love these old classic games and this one is definitely a classic. It was cool seeing all these bonuses and you made a good choice by leaving the gold mine and taking the win as you tripled up! Always love seeing these classics thanks for sharing all of these Tim!

  13. As always thnx for posting BP.what does the BIG option on last bonus mean? GL in the future.

  14. Oldie but goodie. Nice wins

  15. These old Aristocrat slots are too fun! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Let’s see a where’s the gold video! Or maybe Gnome Around the World. Two of my favorites!

  17. Yes ! I love these old Aristocrat games. In fact I played Gone Fishing earlier this morning LOL.

  18. I enjoy the classic very much .. Thanks for playing them … Have a Great Lucky Day !!

  19. So jealous that you have this game near you, by far my all time favorite game, what a classic

  20. How can you not love old classics? Great run and awesome bonuses congratulations sir

  21. Played this game a lot back in the day. I would have left also, but I think because it didn’t collapse after he ran out that you could have gone one more time. Great win though

  22. The title of this game actually reminds me of the movie "Kangaroo Jack". Great find!

  23. I have not seeing one of outback’s jack in twenty years, it was one of my favourites here in Australia

  24. Great video, thanks for sharing. The graphics look very different compared to some of the online slot games (e.g. https://youtu.be/ljVtItqUYDs ). Enjoyed looking at your other videos as well. Feel free to check my videos out and subscribe if you like.

  25. Great vid. On the cave bonus, if the roof doesn't fall down after you pressed Leave, it's a tell that you left at least one prize on the table. But that's why they call it gambling!

  26. Always a great view and great pick on the old school games

  27. I love this game. I've won many of majors on this…even back to back. Great session!

  28. In Blackhawk, Colorado, I have won a lot on Jack and I have lost a lot chasing $2000 majors!! My husband won a major years ago for $2300. It was really fun!! Great video, Mr. Payback. Looking forward to the next one.

  29. I love that game, have won huge on it. Congrats Tim!

  30. I love the classics, I wish my locals weren't removing most of them to put in newer stuff…that was a great win btw, great video!

  31. Nice bonuses Tim! What I like most about your videos is that you play any game unlike some of the other posters who play the same game every video they put on. It's the variety in your videos that keeps them interesting. Good work and , of course, Good Luck.

  32. great sandy one is nice feature multipliers in that feature

  33. One of my all time favorite slots. Great video

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