OVER 14,000x the Money — BIGGEST win ever on Bonanza slot?

OVER 14,000x the Money — BIGGEST win ever on Bonanza slot?

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Congratulaions to the viewer Leedsbullen for this win! I’ve been trying to get ahold of the clip since he showed the screenshot three weeks ago. Might just be the biggest win ever on Bonanza, I’d be thrilled just to get something remotely close to it some day. — Watch live at

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  1. Gotta love Bonanza, today got full line diamonds with 0,40e bet with 3x multiplier and 2 retriggers 😛 And after that win raised bet to 1e ang again bonus that paid 100x

  2. I know this is an old video but i was playing the Extra chilli game last night, $0.40 spin, in the bonus and hit a screen like that, total bonus was $2900 🙂 X7250

  3. What is that in pounds? £13,000? also i would like to state to all… this win wouldn't break their banks lol, this is pocket money to them!! maybe 400 thousand.

  4. Very good job, nice win!

  5. Remember this streamer is only showing you this big win to entice yourself and new players to deposit through his channel as he gets paid a commission on whatever you lose so guess which way he wants your luck to go !
    X14000 win, now look at the comments where players are saying they have never seen a win like this before not even remotely close to it, does that not make any of you suspicious?

  6. This guy pass the live playing slot games?

  7. can`t win a shit from Leo Vegas!!

  8. I’ve got to be honest. This is way better then the 2.75x I just got on Bonanza after 900+ spins….. LOL

  9. hahahaahahaa wtf,this is amazing ! <3 Is this a World Record ? 😀

  10. Wow, best one i have seen for this slot; congrats!

  11. Will you hear something that is even more of a shock? This guy has lost around this or double the amount gambling over the years. And so have all other gamblers. A sickness is always bad, so you will lose no matter what. I rather have a normal life than to be a gambler and win 14.000x bet. Idiots.

  12. wow, just wow!!!!

  13. Such a hit, I must admit im pretty addicted to this machine, It's a tough cookie, I've had many bonuses on this (probably 200ish) only one has paid above 500x for me — £2950 off 0.80p stake. But many terrible bonuses along the way!

  14. whats a sek?

  15. Would a "small" casino not struggle financially paying up that kind of win on max bet? If I owned a Casino I would not sleep well knowing this game is floating about in the slot section. Goodness me.

  16. i had 820X on a 10 Euro Bet 2 Days ago, seems so little now 🙁 haha nice one!

  17. That is INSANE!!! OMG!

  18. Probably only happens once every year or two. This slot is in general shit compared to other slots, as it usually only pays +/- 15x on the bonus round, which again is extremely hard to reach.

  19. The slot is alright robbing bastard it can take 1000 spins to get the bonus sometimes and when you get it pays you 10 x or 25x most of the time

  20. On Casinogrounds you mention that this slotmachine is avaible on LeoVegas and Mr. Green….I have now checked both of them and i cant find it on any of them…So my question is….Have they removed the slot because of this massive win???

  21. Hello there….Greetings from Denmark….1 question….Why cant i find this slot on LeoVegas????

  22. 14k of a £1 bet a take off my hat to you sir!

  23. Ive seen some big wins in my life (2000x ect), but this hit is just incredible! I bet the one that won this cash soon went on vacation haha 😀 thanks for the upload Kim!

  24. Someone pretending to be your vids — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK3PHa0ajRw

  25. this stfking donk only plays fake coins , i play ofer ten years never has somuche win treaks like this donk wants to believe you in .its all a fake donky and his bitchs stil supports this fake stuf what a dumb bitche.get a live morron your a total fake . maybe you get payed to show people this stuf from a online site but your a joke. next time show your loses then stfk.

  26. That is just insane!!!

  27. Like 1 giro? Learn english snitch

  28. Maybe a sweet hit. Probably playing for free or practise mode. You just do not win at slots or any kind of casino gambling! Even slots which advertise 95% payout. You still lose £5 in the hundred at best. So you win £500 on free spins, are you telling me that's it you give up gambling for life? No you end up losing it all.

  29. OMG! its broke lol

  30. just won 431.10 euro on a 0.40 bet on bonanza with 12 free spinns very happy less than 1100x
    14k x is insane

  31. how much was he betting ?

  32. lol ots a video in video

  33. This is so sick. Do you know of any other non jackpot machines that is known to have payed out something this massive in terms of multiplier?

  34. Bonanza gave good at the beginning when it came out. Now I have received the bonus 10-15 times and it has given 10-20x. But in the beginning it gave about 50 — 500 X. Perhaps they must take back money after this sick win.

  35. woooow Kim that was just, just, just…. no words. 😉 gl

  36. Won £2600 of a 60p spin on game of thrones.4300x

  37. Why You Upload it. Its not your content.

  38. 14000x… what the actual fuck?

  39. crying..

  40. how much money is this win in dollars?

  41. Congrats!!!!!

  42. Bonanza is a monster. Ive seen people play like 1700 spins and dont get a bonus. I saw one dude playling like 2500 rounds, got 2 bonuses which paid like 20x each and it cost a ton of money. So hehe…So hitting that big bonus is like one in a million chanse probably.

  43. Your birds hot

  44. bigest win on 1 eur no jackpot

  45. insane !
    but why high roller only 10sek bet

  46. Be a man and play this game at 200 kronor a spin.

  47. OH MY FRACKING GOD, sweet hit!

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