Ozzy Man Reviews: Brisbane Lions Big Win (AFL)

Ozzy Man Reviews: Brisbane Lions Big Win (AFL)

[ad_1] Here’s me commentary on me favourite Australian rules footy team (Brisbane Lions) getting a win on the weekend.

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32 комментария

  1. I love the lions

  2. I have no fucking idea what's going on, but it's AWESOME!

  3. I go for richmond

  4. Go Richmond!!! There going to win the final

  5. Brisbane didn't do well this season.
    RIP Brisbane

  6. Fuck your worse than fucking Bruce when someone kicks a fucking goal

  7. Lol I’m from Canada and I visited and saw a swans game

  8. I loved Aussie rules back when that was the only sport American ESPN had the rights to. I especially loved the raincoated officials dramatically pausing before doing a hip shoot.

  9. Wtf is this

  10. O mate I go for Collingwood magpies but mate I love Brisbane

  11. Go Lions. I was at that game.

  12. Is this football mixed with soccer? Lol

  13. What is this game?

  14. No clue wtf was going on…Watched it anyway. Looks like quidditch without the brooms to me. Good shit

  15. Go crows

  16. oZZY do some field hockey… commentary.. i'd like that… you're greate…

  17. Where are Brisbane on the ladder I’m pretty sore there 16th

  18. Fuckkk yeah Brisbane

  19. Are you from Brisbane Ozzy Man?

  20. I watched a whole game and I had absolutely no idea wtf was going on in the shitcunt fuckdick count dickula match.

  21. NFL(American Rugby) players will love this Sports

  22. I wanna see you do a commentary on RFL.

  23. The rest of the world are missing out period. To be real,this is the best game.
    There is no the best team in this game ,anyone can win

  24. i don't know this sport but

  25. AFL is getting softer, the players are getting skinnier. In a few more years it will be a mix between basketball and soccer, not a full contact sport.

  26. what in the fuck was that?

  27. neymar could play this game really well

  28. The Brisbane Lions are my favourite team EVER!!! I can't believe they won and beating Hawthorn at there home ground!! Bloody

  29. I'm not a doctor but this looks dangerous

  30. Yep let me say from over here in the USA I have no idea what that was. But hey Go Lions

  31. What is this fuckin game?

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