PART 2 | $70,000 w BIG WIN (NO EATING)

PART 2 | $70,000 w BIG WIN (NO EATING)

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  1. Holy fuck what the-

  2. Love the title

  3. So, you cant lose money?

  4. Why do you have so many free spins?

  5. plz upload more big slot videos, love them broo. when you going live, respond dad… or just add me to yalls discord im always talking and in the stream with yall

  6. Whichever one of you assholes keeps saying the word 'toxic', you're using it completely wrong and need to shut the fuck up.

  7. I’m sorry but am I the only one here who has no fucking clue what’s going on and what everything means

  8. 13:31, he did not cut it out

  9. Friggin rights its here! Thanks Prodigy!

  10. Ey bro, can you try out thunderstruck 2 ? i started at 100 euro ( 2 euro spin) and got up to 800 euro easy. Bonus hit alot <3

  11. yo

  12. Love this videos, hate the discord dickriders.

  13. King david labowsky be with you

  14. the eating sound is the best part of a video lol


  16. huh? people care about you eating?

  17. Dont understand how this works…he bets 20 and wins every game? Please enlighten haha

  18. 10:32 lol youre only playing with 3 lines

  19. Are you from denmark?

  20. woooow that last payed huuuggeeeee

  21. Gg's good luck with your other vids and please upload the fricking sticker capsule vid … :))

  22. No eating? Unsub

  23. Are these guy legit?

  24. The more you bet, the lower value of $ you get each bonus

  25. the last one is insane

  26. "that's so big"
    it's what she said to me

  27. Legend with no eating

  28. Damn dat last win tho


  29. But how much did you lose????

  30. Raging Rex dropped the money bomb!

  31. Bro i love the asmr eating part

  32. I'm watching you gambling while I'm gambling, it's cool (depot 10€ I'm at 100€)

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