(Part 3) Star Fox 2 (1995 Prototype) | Venom & Fortuna + Algy (Andrew) | PEMNAS Playthrough

(Part 3) Star Fox 2 (1995 Prototype) | Venom & Fortuna + Algy (Andrew) | PEMNAS Playthrough

[ad_1] Welcome to the third part of my eighth PEMNAS Playthrough. I start the year (decade!) with another particular Nintendo game from the 16-Bit era, and one previously unreleased on the Super Nintendo — Star Fox 2. On Expert Mode. This is also the patched English version with no debug display too which fixes most of the game’s glitches and bugs (including Corneria now actually taking damage).

This game was scheduled for release on 1996, right around the time when the Nintendo Ultra 64 was originally meant to launch. The game was, according to programmer Dylan Cuthbert, «fully complete.» However, producer and co-creator Shigeru Miyamoto felt that he and his development staff needed to move on from 3D on the SNES and focus on the then-upcoming Ultra 64 instead, specifically Super Mario 64, where that game would include many elements from Star Fox 2, specifically the camera angle dynamics. After being a fan of the series for a while, I figured I’d record something interesting for PEMNAS this time. Unreleased games are awesome.

On June 26, 2017, Nintendo of America announced that Star Fox 2 will finally see an official release on the SNES Classic Edition console this September 2017.

Hope you enjoy. Also, PEMNAS stands for «PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS.» I invented the term myself.

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  1. The Younger Monkey in the Star Wolf Team Is Algy, Andrew is a separated character from him, and Algy was replace by Andrew in Star Fox 64.

  2. Using any of the girls breaks this game in half

  3. @IceFireBlast well that is what it used to look like before andros fucked it up but i am sure they cleaned up the atmosphere since then

  4. @ 5:15 it's awesome to see Arwing swimming!

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