Pat Stares At Warframe — Chimera and Fortuna 2018-11-14

Pat Stares At Warframe — Chimera and Fortuna 2018-11-14

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  1. I would describe that color as fucking COBALT.

  2. Amazing how Peach has Pink Hair

  3. What if my colour blue… Isn't the same as your colour blue?

  4. I used to stare at the sun for minutes, and though I must squint to see from a distance, it's fucking blue. I looked in the sun which produces white light. I know my colors. That's how it works.

  5. People really are clueless about purple, eh?
    Purple = Red base + added blue.
    Violet = Blue base + added red.
    Not everything with blue and red in it is purple, just like not everything with wheels and an engine is a car.

  6. 100% Blue

  7. That song was hokey as all hell. Damn that was super lame.

  8. Pat I'm sorry but there is NO difference between Classic and Classic Saturated color palette, the color you KEEP insisting is Purpule is just a desaturated Cobalt Blue that kind of looks purpule due to the metallic skin of Ramses Inaros, if you take a second to think about it the Saturated Color you say is blue and the De saturated color you say is purple are in the same line the only difference is one is slightly less intense than the other.

  9. Warframe Underground 3 Venus Snowland

    pat being amazed at button he doesn't think of using when wanting something going faster

  11. ' L' Warframe blows get Fallout 76

  12. "Protip: don't do spy missions with anyone but yourself" PROCEEDS TO FAIL EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  13. Why is Pat so shit at the game?

  14. That blue/purple argument is the GameCube argument all over again

  15. Blue skies, blue capes and a classic colour palette that doesn't have purple on it. Never change, you're great just the way you are

  16. That discussion of the shades of blue and purple… I just couldn't look away…

  17. pretty kitty

  18. Everyone here who says ther eis no purple in the classic color pallet needs to adjust their screen color calibration, cause you people are strait up wronnngggggg

  19. the fortuna music is super lame…

  20. A Friend of mine loves the color blue, so recommended this video for him.

  21. I thought my eyes were burnt out when he said his inaros was purple

  22. Pat, if you have to change your colours after everyone says that they're wrong, it means you're agreeing with them.

  23. Yo listen up here's a story, about a purple boy living in a purple world…

  24. The true power of crazy talk is finally being revealed

  25. Ah yes, Pat's favorite Stand from Vento Aureo: Blue Haze.

  26. why is paige such a cunt all the time

  27. For those who put the video on high quality and still say that it is blue:
    It's time for you to check your eyes…

  28. Okay I have to admit that persona 5 themed intro is Hella dank that deserves a sub

  29. Pat, buy the Warframe collectible statue to have a real doll to play with in front of Paige.

  30. >over 4000 platinum
    Yeah he's in there, isn't he?

  31. Wait ?! Does this mean the TV was never perfectly calibrated?

  32. oOOOk ok. Ignoring the purple gate stuff.

    With him and woolie doing DmC and its plot of "Ceo contorling the world through debt" being stupid because HOW?

    Meanwhile Fortuna is here SHOWING YOU what that means.

  33. Did Crazy Talk evolve to its Requiem state?

  34. is cetus the east part of canada and fortuna the west part

  35. I'm just trying to figure out if pat is actually colorblind or if 「C R A Z Y T A L K」has just gotten stronger

  36. Doodaloopus

  37. I'm an hour in, he hasn't playeed at all… but Pat is fucking stupid and doesn't know what Purple is… I don't think he is seing the color wrong, he just has a skewed idea of how blue purple can be and still be purple…


  39. Please, dear Internet Jesus! Please give me strength to endure this colorblind dwarf's evil antics

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