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I’m VegasLowRoller and thank you for watching my PERFECT CASINO DAY BIG WIN SLOT MACHINE BONUS GAMBLING video from Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas Low Roller is the biggest and best #1 slot channel in the world. Some would even call VLR the famous slot machine guy. [ad_2]

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  1. You are certainly entertaining!

  2. You are such a dag. Defs following you

  3. Geez, you cmu. Boot the machine. That was cool, but man, I woulda got pissed off at that damn machine

  4. Meanwhile in Africa…

  5. lol i hate when games troll you like that, heres a bonus, heres free spins oh looks like you only won 63 cents congrats machine lights and sounds go on like you hit a jack pot.

  6. If I'm not hitting anything, I get in a different rhythm in hopes of getting a completely different RNG and winning a big jackpot.

  7. You are such a hit….Great Video.!!!!$$$$!!!!!

  8. Awesome low, the Big One is comin…

  9. should people always play minimum or max?

  10. Hi VegasLowRoller i love watching your videos you have such a great sense of humour boom shaka laka boom i am a new subscriber and i live in NZ

  11. You're very luck of winning the much money, bro

  12. some of your free play is like mine a lot of to do about nothing. Get all those free spins and win ziltch
    I played a slot similar to one you have played got 314 free spins and it paid me 3.42 cents
    So I know your pain
    The game you are tring to hit the 50 jack pot on brings back a memory of one wife was playing like it .She had pumped 300.00 into it trying to hit that little jackpot. Shewas determned to win it
    Restroom call took over and she told me to play. She gets up and the first push of the button I hit that jackpot .She was so mad she could eat nails
    Enjoyed te video and glad tosee you did finally hit

  13. is it seth ???????

  14. I thought you were seth rogen !! lol

  15. how cool all my slot heroes commenting here 🙂

  16. I don't think that's quite how it works. The machine isn't constantly shuffling it's rng (random number generator) while you are not playing. Timing would have no effect on the rng unless they use time as the seed to the rng. Basically how video slot machines work, there is an array of values representing each symbol. The odds of each symbol are dictated by the frequency of each symbol in the array. The lower the value of the symbol, the more common the symbol is in the array, the greater the value the least common the value appears in the array. This is why there are some games like Zeus with a feature that can add more symbols to the reels, essentially it's adding more symbols to the array to increase the odds of matching those symbols. When the player presses the spin button, the array is randomly shuffled and then the reels are visibly updated with an animation of the randomly shuffled symbols in the order they appear in the array. Stopping the reels doesn't actually stop the reels, it just jumps to the point it was going to land at the end of the animation. When you're playing a high bet and get low on money and lower your bet and then hit a nice win, don't feel bum because each level of denomination and multiplier has a different set of odds (symbols appear more or less in the array) so it's likely that you would have not hit the same winning combination on your previous bet level anyways. 🙂

  17. Well you did get some money lol

  18. You crack me up! I will be in Vegas the week of thanksgiving. Wish me luck! Do you live there?

  19. What's a good strategy to win and how many money do you recommend starting with

  20. Hoping to go big like this someday lol

  21. New to your channel and I think it's very entertaining! Not even sure how I found it because I'm not a gambler but glad I did and you're super funny!

  22. Love your vids.,watch em all the time.

  23. Glad to see you did well here. I go there just because I like it. I seldom win. I have more fun watching your videos. 🙂

  24. Great explanation on stopping the reels! Huge negative in doing that is money goes way too fast! Great win!

  25. Congrats on the awesome win! You are featured on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the Week. You can check it out here.

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