Pervez Musharraf On Imran Khan’s Big Win: हरने वाले हमेशा धांधली की बात कहते है

Pervez Musharraf On Imran Khan’s Big Win: हरने वाले हमेशा धांधली की बात कहते है

[ad_1] See what Pervez Musharraf has to say on the big win of Imran Khan.

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  1. if imran khan will provid basic things to korangi where my.intaire familys belong and I am the alder 11 brother & sisters where whole pakistan has use and earn money and enjoy since I have been started my career in hopitality in food industry last 27 years in karachi that would be great achivment of imran khan to show his ladders ship as pm of pakistan.kamran raziq shiekh from korangi 1 karachi pakistan

  2. india is tha great

  3. Hindustan charo aur sey Pakistan ke pichey laga huwa hai israil india us 3 country ki gandi politic

  4. Indian terrorists ko support karta hai modi RSS shiv Sena

  5. Pakistani people's are so will indian people's are so stupid and mentally ill tab to modi ko vote kiya

  6. 5 year…??

  7. i have seen Indians only aggressive comments, disrespect full attitude and tries to hide their picture which is not possible. only creates propaganda which will be really harmful for both of us.

  8. I dont agree with musharraf that elections weren't rigged.

  9. Indian Paime Minstar Chai Wala bana dia, Pakistan Zinda bad Pakistan Army Zinda bad

  10. Pakistan Zinda bad Pakistan Army Zinda bad Parveez Musharraf Zinda bad

  11. Pure propaganda stupid dont no whats shes talk about

  12. liars indian media makkar juta fake media jokers hypocrites arrogants chutye

  13. Is Modi India heading toward Financial Crisis.Depression economic hardship cited as factors,. India is big , in size but the, Modi India hides what the world needed to know .The truth is hidden Indian are better than their , Modi made hate laws .so many political scandals and the worst in Modi Raj A dignity that Indian wear denied by him.No friendly bilateral relation with next door neighbouring countries .The only leader of our region Modi Raj with no strong bounds among region leaders .due to his mischief of divide and rule .and he is a professional in misleading people, and nations to nations .

  14. lol. At one side she says that Pak army rigged the elections to bring IK. On the other hand, she says that the loss of the Islamic parties in the elections, which according to her are supported by Pak army, signifies their rejection by people. Make up your mind woman. Either take the stance that establishment rigged the elections or say that they support extremist groups. Both dont equate up.

  15. 1. no.2.india do u know 4.fake news by India as always5.none of her business 6.dushman India ha..Pakistan stands with our armed forces7. why is she so interested..kashmir ki baat karo8. Modi nahel9. jalebi perception 10.sarey log includes U.s n Israel 11. delay tactics typical of India 12.miss know it all 13.Kashmir first or geye Hind banein 15. wait n c16.give her a dictionary.mujahid meaning..16. genocide by Hindu forces 17.sunna Kat 18. Regain was actor first 19. in that case…india will be nuked20. Pakistan is United….20.we are self sufficient..times move ahead 21. we don't compare with beggars n war mongers 22…who is prompting her 23.yes.24. both..none of your business.25.silly woman

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