Pharohs Fortune slot bonus, max bet BIG WIN

Pharohs Fortune slot bonus, max bet BIG WIN

[ad_1] slot machine bonus win on Pharohs Fortune. this is a max bet bonus, and I have never picked this well on the bonus. I was happy to keep picking in this! [ad_2]

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  1. It's already set no matter what you pick you were meant to get 20 spins. and This is a horrible bonus. I won 600+ on a 75c bet.

  2. It's predetermined dumbass

  3. this is NOT a big win dude. I've won more betting 50 cents. you had a max bet. this is good but not a big win

  4. Nice win! That last spin saved you. I've only been playing this game a month or two. I think my best picks are 19 spins at 3 or 4x. Great picks.

  5. not quite 300 dollar bonus

  6. that was good picking grats

  7. Great bonus !!!I have a video similar but not pay me so much the maximum bet was 20 lines for 5 bet., I invite you to see my channel maybe you like some of my videos, greetings.

  8. what is the song in the background?

  9. I play this on my phone and always pick the "begin free spins" square right away lol.

  10. You should of stopped it in the bonus spins could of payed you more…

  11. Amazing hit!

  12. Why cant i be this lucky on this game lol

  13. in which CASINO was this game ?  THANK U IN ADVANCE 4 RESPONSE

  14. This would be a jackpot for me on this game I never win more than 100 bucks betting 15×3 on a nickel machine lmao nicely done ecpecially the picks

  15. SHADDUP!

  16. I played this game in san diego….max bet, 3.00…got 22 spins @ six times multiplier, retriggered and ended up with over 2400.00 will never forget how awesome that was

  17. Am im the only one that loves the theme music for this game?

  18. Anything over 25x is above average. Anything more than 50x is a big win. Maybe it's "big win" small case and not BIG WIN, but it's still a) 75x and b) $300. Ask any slot player if they'd be disappointed with 75x in a bonus. LOL

  19. I have been spoiling my subscribers with huge hits lately. stay tuned there are a lot more videos coming, and a lot of Clue videos. with some big wins. I counted, I have over 50 videos from vegas with wins over $100

  20. I tried to find him to report but can't locate his channel

  21. My fav machine of all time, always lets you in 3 times in very short plays between, played this online the week won 1900 on 4 pounds a spin

  22. no he stole my videos, and he is stealing other peoples videos as well. please report him. I already have. these scumbags need to be thrown in jail or fined

  23. no, he stole my videos. and a bunch of other ones. I have 1 account. he has been reported, but If more people report him, he can get removed faster.

  24. Is someone stealing your videos or do you just have two accounts? Someone named slotmachineist just posted the same video

  25. @TheShamusOfSlots My bad. Jason reminded me of that too. Guess I need to play that some more huh? Hehe

  26. Hi Dan … Jade Palace will let you keep picking as long as you pick WILDS.

  27. You were robbed of a few hundred based on my results nickel version betting $1. Maybe I was lucky those times though.

  28. great picking best i ever seen i think u should have won more though

  29. I like the jade palace concept. I haven't played it, but as being the same as the fire swamp. you get extra picks as long as you pick wilds. it would be nice if there were 15 total spots for wilds tho

  30. I was very happy with this result. it does have a good chance to get some good wins, but it can be tough

  31. 300credits*5multi*20spins = 300,000credits

    Glad it gave you what you deserved 🙂

  32. I like the bonuses that you pick for multipliers and extra spins like this. Needs wilds too though. However, unlike WMS's Jade Palace etc…this does not limit how many picks you get — I prefer this model to WMS's. Good win J!

  33. Nice picking!!!

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