[ad_1] This slot machine video is a viewers request for Piggy Bankin slot machine.

I started with $300 to give me a good chance at betting a bigger amount and hopefully get a slot machine jackpot or at least a nice bonus!

Please keep slotting fun and gamble within your means.


These videos are intended for those 19+. Enjoy watching them but don’t think these are every day wins. Winning at slot machines is not possible over the long term.

© All uploads are the intellectual property of Slotmanjack. You do not have permission to re-use or publish any part of them without my written consent.

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  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. How about some original Buffalo??

  3. Nice run on the piggies

  4. That was a fum video thanks for the share

  5. Nice run Jack. You asked for requests, I would love if you can try quick hits again. I know you have done well on it in the past.

  6. This is my new favorite game! Thx for sharing

  7. That's a good machine for you. You did good my friend.

  8. Hello there friend. Really nice content.
    My channel is dragon goes to japan
    I am glad I found your work
    Its great to learn new things
    New supporter of your work

  9. Great session! I almost jumped out of my bed when you hit the bonus lol. Thumbs up coming your way!

  10. 5 frogs video would be great!!

  11. Who won the aruze challenge?

  12. Nice buddy you got spin it grand there and the shout out would be to Justin Hudspeth lol the real deal love your vids and positive energy

  13. Beautiful wins! So glad to see this! Thanks for the shout out and thanks for playing this!

  14. That game looks so fun but we don't have it at winstar..
    Great play…i do enjoy your video's thank you…❤

  15. Watching now… Haven't had any luck with the piggies… Glad the little porkers granted you that first Minor !

  16. This machine hates me but I love watching it!!! ❤️

  17. I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing

  18. A nice viewers request Bonus Wins

  19. Nice win SMJ i noticed this game in niagra a few weekends ago not sure how long they have had them. didnt get a chance to play it but after this video i definetly will next time im there. Stay ☺ my friend and happy holidays to you and your family ciao

  20. Nice Piggy Bankin! The piggies were very active for you! Sadly, i haven't had much luck on this one. Good viewer request from Brad!

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