Pirate Ship Slot — **BIG WIN** — Slot Machine Bonus

Pirate Ship Slot — **BIG WIN** — Slot Machine Bonus

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Pirate Ship Slot **BIG WIN** — Slot Machine Bonus
After months of compiling wins on this game, I finally have something to show — LOL! This has to be one of the toughest G+ Deluxe games on the floor today…however, I do enjoy playing it when I get the chance. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, subscribe, like and share. Your support is appreciated! Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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  1. This is a great slot! Great line pays! I play $2 max bet. I was, however disappointed as at my local casino, they have 2 of these side by side. On two separate occasions I had my choice and someone both times played the other one and won over $800 both times. One was last night. After getting a $165 line pay I got off it. Later on someone was playing it and won over $800. He got a full screen of treasure chests! Could’ve been me!!

  2. After the first big win with the gold symbols, the camera pans up, then back down, the screen already has 4 rows of the gold symbols on it, plus the 5th one hits, what happened there…?

  3. 4:29 I love this sound

  4. Awesome wins! Out of all old wms games of similar type, this is the only one which paid me something, the rest just took all the money with no regret

  5. I got that whole screen with those things the other day in Vegas… on 30 cents I won 150.00 I was so happy

  6. I love those goofs yelling yo ho ho ho lol !!
    Very good luck to you !!!

  7. Nice

  8. That last one was a very sexy hit sir. Great vids.

  9. Sweeeeeeeet 🙂

  10. Great collection of wins there Mike, congrats!

  11. WOWZA! You are On a ROLL these days!!! Congrats!!!

  12. great session bud!

  13. You definitely had the pirate ship rockin this day!  I have enjoyed this game a lot over the years — very hitable stacks (take note High 5)!  🙂  Hope you have a nice long weekend!

  14. Slotgazuuuum…lol..nice hitt..just luv when it say unbelievable..inconceivable.

  15. Great wins Mike. Very streaky game, glad you caught it on a hot streak. And really glad you got that progressive you trolled for.

  16. Wow! Those pirates were good to you 🙂 I have a hard time getting them to cooperate with me haha. Congrats!

  17. So you just have to say "hit" and it hits huh?! LOL. Congrats on all your wins on this game. Last screen was very nice!

  18. Really nice wins Mike this game is a beast!

  19. This game has never been good to me, but I love G_+ Deluxe games — Big/Super/Mega Wins actually mean something.  Congrats on the wins!

  20. way to go

  21. Nice wins!

  22. At what point does it become a BIG WIN, SUPER, and MEGA? 50x, 100x and 150x? I would like to know please. I have been ignoring these WMS G+Deluxe games for years but now I'm hooked on them. 🙂 Great win! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Nice hit at the end!

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