PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay #125 — ARE SAUSAGES JUST BROWN BANANAS?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay #125 — ARE SAUSAGES JUST BROWN BANANAS?

[ad_1] Will we get a chicken dinner as we play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay? Probably not, but after we fail you’ll get the chance to eat us! PUBG gameplay coming up soon!

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  1. These guys are so funny together love the Friday streams

  2. Dear Platform32
    ,do you have a business email ? or discord?

  3. Thanks for playing with us! Was fun. 🙂 I think most of the other players thought the randoms might be wall-hacking, and that's why you'll have had loots and messages in chat about password-protecting community matches in the future, so it's more likely to be just P32 Crew playing. P32 Crew tend to play fair because everyone knows everyone else, and a lot of people play together anyway. So there's much less chance that anyone will stream snipe, and I'm pretty sure no one would be using hacks.

  4. "Higton, you prick!" XD McMania story is from 1:01:40. Who knew Mr. McMania was such a fan of British Rail? 😀

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