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18 комментариев

  1. What did you guys think of this bonus round? Have you hit big on Pompeii? Let's hear it! 🙂

  2. Stop moving the fucking camera, alcoholic ass wipe! Focus on the game.

  3. Pompeii use to be my favorite but lately it hasn’t been. Because the past two or three times I played it, I haven’t won anything and would lose straight. My new fav slot right now is the Fu Dao Le one.

  4. Love Pompeii I've won more jackpots on it and the wonder 4 vs. Nice video!!

  5. That was fun to watch. Plans on staying at the D on your next trip?

  6. Ha its all about positivity and your mentallity .. go in with a good mood and positive vibes and good things will happen as you just saw

  7. Off to Vegas in two weeks! Staying at aria, but I want to head over to cosmo just to play Christmas story, do u remember if that was there when u went? Vegas Vegas Vegas Vegas Vegas

  8. Nice to see the missus winning as well…glad you guys had good luck at the D!

  9. Great win!

  10. Hate your language. I'll move on!

  11. Did you play any games that has that 3D effect? Id like to see those next time you make a trip if possible

  12. Play the WONDER 4 POMPEII it's much better watch some of my videos

  13. Good win on Pompeii,congrats. I have never had a handpay on this game but have had a few big wins in the past. These days I don't play the stand alone game but have played it a bit on Wonder 4.

  14. Have yet to play it have to give it a try nice hit!!

  15. This is not a game I play because I don't like it for some reason. I don't like the theme of it or something. Boring I guess. Take care….

  16. Great Win on Pompeii ! what does he say when the bonus lands ????? TYFS

  17. I always enjoy your videos when are you guys coming back to Vegas

  18. over 100x, nice Bonus!!
    wish you a great day from Austria

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