Pompeii slot MAX BET = BIG WIN!!!

Pompeii slot MAX BET = BIG WIN!!!

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  1. You got the shakes. I'm dizzy

  2. Posso avere questa slot

  3. I'm dizzy…..

  4. My advice to all players, use your middle finger in the left hand to press the play button it brings a lot of luck, try it and collect thousands…

  5. I won $75 million on the same machine in Vegas, , 

  6. I must of seen too many of these videos, all I could think was, does he not know what a take win button is for, over half the video was wasted from just your first five sword win, I got bored and gave up.

  7. I've won more then that on a 50 cent bet on this game haha

  8. Hold the camera stil…makin me dizzy, u fat fuck

  9. Strong wave?

  10. casino vs. blair witch orjrct….i'm goona vomit frfom the motion…

  11. Is this casino on a crab boat?

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    It's honest to admit you'll kill someone because you hate them.

  13. why take video that you don't have the skill to exhibit ??

  14. :,,

  15. Jesus hold the camera still

  16. What's with the shaky camera?

  17. Shit win for max bet

  18. Ummm, I'm afraid the Chinese really own me… Sorry. But, if you happen to figure out a way to have me lend you money without me knowing it and have the government covertly handle all of my finances, you too can own me… LOL!!!
    Great post and congrats,
    Wolfy 🙂

  19. Are you filming on the rough seas?

  20. very nice bonus.

  21. Game

  22. press the "take win" button….lol

  23. worst feature ive ever seen

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