Price is Right — Plinko HUGE Win!!!

Price is Right — Plinko HUGE Win!!!

[ad_1] Watch me win big playing Plinko. Original airdate October 3, 2001. This show was taped on June 26, 2001, and is episode number 1873K. Complaints/concerns/comments addressed below.

«why do i have to sit through all this, i want to see the plinko win»

a: sorry. the rest of the set-up is included so that TPIR fans can follow along with the show. incidentally the gal who won the wheel (spoiler) went on to win a showcase (or was it a double?) in the final

(side note: the end round with the two big prize packages is called the SHOWCASE. the wheel-spinning situation is called the SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN.)

«omg he screams like a monkey»
a: you would too, if you won $20K in 10 seconds.

«what a flamer/homo/queen/f—-t/etc»
a: i congratulate you on your perceptions, you know what they say about perception

«what did you do with the money»
a: i spent it, i’m american

«what’s barker like»
a: like looking into time and space itself [ad_2]

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  3. my favorite game on the price is right

  4. This was taped before I was born.
    This was aired after I was born.

  5. That scream tho….

  6. Pinko

  7. I would cry like a bitch if i could play Plinko too…like a bitch!!

  8. I would remain humble if I won $22,000.

  9. Well it’s clear that David loves sucking cock

  10. He's having an orgasm.

  11. My buddy works on the TPIR set and informed me how rigged this game actually is The plinko chips are controlled by a magnet inside the board and are on a computer controlled floating track and it's not any kind of luck to the game the producers before the show airs decide the payout of each game in advance

  12. Even watching this show from day one…(Ahhhhhhh, all those wonderful 'sick days' from school….TPIR was/is the shit!) I always loved watching PLINKO, but swore that if I ever ended up on TPIR, I would LOATHE playing PLINKO!! (you just never know with that game!!)

  13. His screaming makes my ears bleed. Real hard

  14. He's like a screaming banshee

  15. This show was the Pantera of day time TV

  16. @David Ramos: Screw all the haters commenting on here. If they were up on stage there, they'd be just as excited. They are just jealous that they didn't get their 15 seconds of fame (and a win to go along with it), like you did. Congratulations on your big win

  17. Congratulations!

  18. That was so cool Dave!!! That would totally be the game that I would want to play too 🙂 What was the first thing that you bought when you got it? And belated congrats!!!

  19. he screams like a girl

  20. About blew his head off

  21. Since you were on here, how long does the actual taping take place? Is there a lot of lull time while they set up the games, prizes and whatever else is involved?

  22. lol

  23. The hot model had to pee.

  24. This cracked me up!!!

  25. 5:39 For his own health I didn't want him to win more than 20k lol

  26. Pinko was my fav priceing game

  27. I'm starting to think he needed like 100 drinks of water after playing Plinko.

  28. 1st name called down. 1st to go up. Gets to play Pinko. Wins $22,000.. . . . . I'd say that's a good day

  29. it woulda been ironic if u didn't get the wheel all the way around, since it said "get the wheel all the way around" on the back of your shirt.


  31. 22k minus taxes and everything? Not a huge amount of money.

  32. Am I the only one that finds it a bit offensive when it says "Contestants of all sizes"? I mean, as close to calling people fat as you can get without hurting their feelings directly.

  33. With his over the top reactions, he'd be great as an actor in those horrible infomercials.

  34. The best game I like to watch…that PLINKO.

  35. Good lord his scream was awful

  36. RIP, Bob Barker

  37. David lost his shit

  38. 5:20 When you stub your toe

  39. Love and miss Bob. …hate drew

  40. if you where too sick for school you always watch the price is right dam drew carrey ruin it

  41. Plinko is my favorite game on this show!!! Loved it since I was a kid.

  42. Just saw a rerun where a contestant win $31,500 in this game, a new daytime record. He was just as excited as this guy, and I remember watching it back in ‘02.

  43. This morning I was watching the price is right a person one 30,000 on plinko

  44. Emotional, isn't he?

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