Probably the most broken weapon yet | Warframe

Probably the most broken weapon yet | Warframe

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  1. they fixed it 🙁

  2. Clem ☀️

  3. How do PC players get the update first thats really lame

  4. They look like the fucking rainbow stones from Dark Souls.

  5. please can anyone tell me the music at 0:55

  6. The colors Duke, the colors!

  7. Whats the name of the song at the end :}

  8. Only recently discovered this channel. Update me on this mag joke. For the 3 1/2 years I've played Warframe no one has mentioned this to me.

  9. What weapon again

  10. "Eggergis"

  11. song at the end?

  12. MY EYES!!!

  13. music of end pls?? ty and dam looks amazing

  14. Still not convinced that its not a sun

  15. Thiz D! (4

  16. I am sincerely sad for you, that you have not tried a hallucinogen, so that you may see how very dull and mundane a field of glowing lightballs is in comparison.

  17. "Praise The Sun!"

  18. What a brillant idea… ehehe easy.

  19. Warframe is Acid

  20. I fail to see how this gun is broken. The sun generator seems to be functioning perfectly.

  21. this has to become a feature.

  22. Yay Christmas lights

  23. So basically, it shoots Infinity Stones?

    Also, can PS4 have better Network support? That'd be super.

  24. DE give us more memes

  25. Solaire calls, he want his sun back

  26. Is that…. The penta? I'm sad the lens flare is fixed, but can I still make my penta shoot infinite rainbow balls?

  27. Song name?

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