Queen of the Wild 2 Max Bet Bonus Big Win WMS Slot Machine

Queen of the Wild 2 Max Bet Bonus Big Win WMS Slot Machine

[ad_1] I don’t really play colossal reels games but I really like this one. It keeps you playing with little investment and the bonus triggers frequently. I like it more then the original Queen of the Wild. Let me know what you think.

Queen of the Wild II — Colossal Reels
1¢ Denomination — 100 Lines
Line Bet — $0.05
Total Bet — $2.50

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  1. Ummm… Where's the "Big Win"???

  2. nice hit almost100x

  3. If not for that last spin this would've been the same as my win on a minimum bet, LOL!  I do like this machine, but it has way too many dead spins for my taste…  

  4. People lose 100 times more money than they win with WMS machines

  5. You are a select few who ever won anything on these types of machines…

  6. The music on this is pretty cool! 🙂 Anyone by chance know that name of the music?

  7. nice.i wanna play this one.we only have zodiac sisters,collasol wizards,that china looking one, the dragon one, lil red and van helsing

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  9. Awesome win 🙂

  10. @jenna I really don't understand it. You don't like the colossal reels type of game and you are constantly commenting on them. I simply don't get it. @Slotwild They pay the same if it 4 of kind. The 5 of a kind is where it varies. The gorillas pay, on max bet, is $10, ladies are $12.50 and wilds are $25.00. The reason these machines are so volatile is because you play two lines per 1 credit.

  11. nice win. looks like I would've won $45 on my .50 cent bet. I've never seen this game before but is it like the Jack and the Bean Stalk Colossal??

  12. Awesome final spin!

  13. you almost got a full 4 rows of gorillas and it dont pay shit on max bet wow thats crappy i hate colassal games the pay on them is pathetic if u would have had full rows of gorillas on the regular queen of jungle on that bet ur loooking at a thousand bucks sucky game man dont get suckered in to there collassal reels they suck

  14. Nice.same sound as original too

  15. I will be playing this for the new sounds the credits make while adding up. I like it!

  16. Awesome win. I never ever ever win on the colossal ones lol.

  17. Nice final few spins, thanks for sharing.

  18. When did this game come out?

  19. I'm with you guys on that. Hit a decent bonus the first time I played these types of slots, but since then, just triggering one is extremely rare. And the wilds that transfer from the left reels to the colossal reels are usually useless…either at the end, or don't match up with any symbols.

    But hey, experiences will vary. I played this in Vegas last week, so maybe my loss contributed to your win! Congrats.

  20. I'm with PimpyT here. I tried it about a month ago hoping to get a snazzy video and it just came up empty after $100 at minimum bet. Just not a fan of any of the Colossal Reels so far, including this one.

  21. lol my experience of this game so far is the complete opposite of your description. great win dude!

  22. Lol. Nice video. I thought it was a decent bonus, but then it went great. Lol

  23. Omg…. That last spin saved you….I love when that happens. Congrats nice win.. Aguacaliente casino??

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