Queen’s Knight Slot — Big Win — LIVE PLAY Bonus!

Queen’s Knight Slot — Big Win — LIVE PLAY Bonus!

[ad_1] The Queen’s Knight slot machine by WMS is part of their «Money Burst» line of slots, and is a classic that I still play many times when I see it.

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Like many Money Burst games, the bonus can be triggered by filling reels 1 and 2 with the same symbol or by receiving bonus symbols in reels 3, 4, and 5. If you do the latter, you’ll receive 5 free spins with 2 random reels wild. If you do the former, you’ll receive 5 free spins with the first two reels locked although if they contain wilds, they may randomly shift positions. If you do both, you’ll receive the «Holy Grail» — 20 free spins with both features and while I’ve not done it, you can get an «Off-the-Charts» Big Win or Jackpot if you do! Queen’s Knight is a clone of the «Jungle Wild 2» slot machine, Enjoy!

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  1. I can't believe there is a bastard love child of my two favourite slots and I've only found out for the first time today… I know exactly what I'll be looking for when I get to gamble in Vegas! Nice vid 🙂

  2. Hi I'm from Italy, I have a question, after every bonus game you say something that sounds like "backup spin" but….what do you say really? And what does it mean? Thank you

  3. recibe un cordial saludo desde tijuana mexico soy tu admirador numero uno te felicito por jugar sigue con tu buena suerte mis mejores deseos me encanta tu programa a todos nuestros hermanos de usa de parte de todos los mexicanos los queremos mucho

  4. Why can't I download queens knight???

  5. good to see yu finally gottthat bonusgrats ty for sharing

  6. How Fun! Loved this one..

  7. Hard Game!

  8. Have you ever hit the holy grail on these money bursts? That machine gave awesome play, up and down.

  9. You need to try to trigger the 20 spins. Get the 4 wilds (or any 4 alike symbols) in front plus the 3 free game symbols on the right. That triggers 20 games. THAT is a heck of a fun bonus. Nice wins though on your line hits.

  10. that should have been a retrigger

  11. So many times I've gotten full screen wilds with no matching left side. Lucky you!

  12. Love your videos. The most real out there and not a lot of grandstanding stuff. Thanks and continued "do-it" good luck to you.

  13. This reminds me of Glitz so much!! I used to like that one for the music alone! Decent pays sometimes. I've been watching your stuff for a while and you always have a great attitude (at least on camera lol). Just subbed!

  14. You have such great and positivity personality. Really enjoy watching your video. New fan on your channel:)

  15. Not a very paying game

  16. nice hit

  17. great video I always love ur always so positive. Hope u will do a dukes of hazzard one soon or superman slot. greetings from holland.

  18. Thanks 4 sharing! 🙂

  19. great. game. u. won. money. yes. yes. yes. OK. keep it up.

  20. wow bro love it 🙂 my favorite game

  21. I never understand why people put a thumbs down on a win. Anytime you walk away with more than you put in, that is a thumbs up in my book. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us.

  22. love your channel…subbed months ago!

  23. your channel is the best in the busines n your personality so quality thank you

  24. Looks like a hard game to get the bonus

  25. The music is so dramatic for this game, lol it reminds me of the score from the movie Excalibur. I'm surprised it's still available it was a real hit a few years ago producing some incredible wins. I don't know, IMHO games like this played very well on max bet yielding incredible returns on a max bet but when played today the wins are often mediocre. I wonder if it has anything to do with age or time on the casino floor. What's your thought on my outlook.

  26. 3 max bet not 6 lol

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