Quick Fire Flaming Jackpot Slot Machine Max Bet Bonuses & BIG WIN | SEASON-7 | EPISODE #8

Quick Fire Flaming Jackpot Slot Machine Max Bet Bonuses & BIG WIN | SEASON-7 | EPISODE #8

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25 комментариев

  1. Show me the power of your bonus!

  2. So sorry NG that I’m just catching up on all your videos. I left last Wednesday to travel to New Mexico from Las Vegas to my brothers funeral services. Unfortunately my aunt doesn’t have internet or cable. Ugh

  3. Are you sure you won 200$ ? Question mark.

  4. NG, you should not be surprised at 10 minis in one spin, after all, you are the king of minis. 12 Minor progressives is nothing to sneeze at! Congrats — a win is a win!

  5. Hi NG, i m Dilip Thapa, From Australia, I love to watch your video, its really really nice, Everyday I watched your Video, last 2 days you loose, i feel really bad, Like i m loosing, Please kindly mention my name in your next video, your good wisher Dilip Thapa

  6. I love how you giggle when things are going your way. That was a cool machine!

  7. That was a fun game bro, once I seen a lady hitting over 3000 on this machine. Good job NG

  8. Ng your profit should be $300.07 and not $200.07 lol . It was fun tho

  9. Sorry Ng that sucked

  10. Good job! NG

  11. wow NG you have the Midas touch good to see you happy again

  12. Thank you! Great episode…!

  13. How fun!

  14. Looks like a fun machine! When You get a machine that keeps paying off, don't say this machine is broken, instead thank the machine for its continual payoffs and encourage it to give more! It's working your favor! Good job NG

  15. I like the videos….. but…. do you spend the majority of your life in casinos/hotels.

  16. Wow….1st spin & a nice hit. New (4 me) game looks like fun. Now to watch yesterday's live. Enjoyed

  17. Hello NG Slot, i Had Hit The Major in Tarzan Slot Game. $400 i was down at my last that that Major Hit Lol.

  18. Good job NG. A few weeks after Hollywood Jamul 1st opened near San Diego I played the original version of that game and won the top jackpot for $2,300+. I've always liked playing this game but the one with the music theme and dollar sign sticky wilds during the 7 free spin bonus is my favorite of the group (golden peach, panda something, Egyptian theme, and the music/DJ theme).

  19. Oh NG… MINI’s LOVE ❤️ WAS SO EXCESSIVE TODAY! She showered you with her love tremendously… OBSESSION!

  20. Congrats! KING Mini — Maxi NG!

  21. Your looking happy this morning Narek and that’s a good thing !

  22. Good morning NG good luck ❤❤

  23. Fantastic my friend

  24. Bad math NG, looks like up $300 to me. Good job NG. Thank you!

  25. Fun game! I hope I can find one of those machines here! Have a great day NG

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