Quick Hit Platinum*Max Bet Bonus Run*Big Win*

Quick Hit Platinum*Max Bet Bonus Run*Big Win*

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  1. Any experience/results stopping the reels, or on the models with the spin wheel, trying to catch the Spin Discs?

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  3. one of my fav machines i win with large bets but never max normally $1.25 bet i go won nice 20 free spins 3 X multiplier plus the 5 extra wild so 25 free spins with that $1.25 bet i won huge $350

  4. go oregon!

  5. That machine was on heat! Those are great win! Especially the 7 QH progressive! Congrats!

  6. You had a great run! But those Quick Hit payouts are awfully low. Usually on a $2.50 bet I would expect 8 to be over $1,000 and 9 to be like $5,000+.

  7. That's greatness! Congrats, Ray!

  8. awesome!

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