Quick Hits Big Win slot bonus

Quick Hits Big Win slot bonus

[ad_1] I got 6 quick hits in the bonus witch was around 500$… It’s a total of 50 spins x3 [ad_2]

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  1. He must of have a 7-quick hit.

  2. What did you hit to get to 500.00

  3. No pennys only alow three retrigers witch still sucks

  4. I usually only play this quick hit when the 5 Quick Hit winnings are over $20. At $15 that is usually telling me that it gets cashed out very frequently and one ought to avoid it. I personally avoid this game. I never have any luck with it. I usually stick to the ones that get played a lot such as Better Off Ed or the Pachinko Quick Hits. I also like the Playboy Calente slots too. Those machines has helped pay credit card bills for three to four months. 🙂 Anyways you have such a great winning video there. Congratulations!

  5. a handful of the major casino web sites will give you free money to help you start, i turned 30 into 240 the last week this page shows the best sites PLAY83.COM

    But then, gifts are like beauty, are they not. It is in the eye of the recipient that they find their seat, not in the hand of the giver.

  6. You got robbed on the last 45 spins, so glad you hit early though! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. What an awesome win! I play the $1 quick hit machines and the crappy thing about those is it'll only give you more free spins (during free spins) twice. The third time on it just awards credits. That's one great thing about the pennies…you'll keep getting free spins all night long!! 🙂 Check out my video of me on a dollar QH machine.

  8. Another great bonus. Congrats & hope your good luck continues! Thx for sharing 🙂

  9. Great win..Ive seen someone hit 8 quickhits..But the payout was only $900..One more and he would of had $3,000…Which was the most on that machine for the quickhits…But I lost all my money like usual

  10. Another great win. Good evening for you

  11. Thanks

  12. Double thumbs up!!

  13. wtg!!!

  14. Congrats…nice win… Thanx for posting.

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