Quick Hits Max Bet Bonus w/ Retrigger — Big Win!!!

Quick Hits Max Bet Bonus w/ Retrigger — Big Win!!!

[ad_1] $2.00 max bet. Filmed at The Meadows. With the help of SlotChick and her husband Collins, this turned out to be a fun bonus!

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  1. Forgive me for asking but where was the big win?

  2. Where's the big win?

  3. thats a big win! that is bs! jerk

  4. Remember she gets 80 percent and you get 20 percent lol

  5. The part where you pick the boxes to see how many plays doesn't matter, The computer knows how much you're going to get so you may as well just pick without thinking, it's predetermined.


  7. I won 3k on quick hits. That was a big win.

  8. $110 lol I won $2000 on quick hit

  9. Is Teresa I hear in the background lol

  10. Big Win??? $110…wow! I guess that is a BIG WIN when you are only playing a 1 cent machine..ugh

  11. Running man challenge

  12. We have been watching your channel for quite sometime now.. Hope we all hit some big wins in 2016!! We have started our own channel as well and have subscribed to yours. We will be watching and looking forward to more of your videos. I love the Quick Hit slots!!!

  13. Dr. Nick, you've got what it takes with these games. You should play quick hits fever and use your medical skills to cure that fever.

  14. Nice win, congrats!

  15. Congrats on the quickhit bonus.. love quickhits

  16. Nice win Nick

  17. That was a great bonus. A retrigger is always awesome.

  18. That was some great play! I was so excited with you guys! Congrats on that nice win!!!

  19. Nice win. Enjoyed listening to you and Slot Chick! Good luck to you.

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