Quickspin — The Grand — BIG WIN — Feature explanation

Quickspin — The Grand — BIG WIN — Feature explanation

[ad_1] The Grand will be released on the 12th of March.

Glitz, glamour and a touch of The Great Gatsby – what’s not to like? This game is something truly special, with an Art Deco style that takes you back to the roaring 20s and the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Synced Reels
For big wins, synced reels are a player’s best friend. In The Grand, up to six reels may be synced. Synced reels always appear as pairs of columns of the same height. Each pair of similar height spins the same symbols, allowing players to maximize their winning potential!

Random wilds
Just as a spin is nearing its finish, keep an eye out for the random Wilds feature, where between four to eight random Wilds can land anywhere on the reels. Random Wilds can’t cover Free Spins symbols or other wilds.

Nudge reels
Looking for a better outcome? The Nudge feature gives you exactly that. Nudge up to three reels – including the Free Spins and Bonus symbols! Contact your account manager for a demo today! [ad_2]

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