Race recap: Big win on a big day at a big track for Aric Almirola

Race recap: Big win on a big day at a big track for Aric Almirola

[ad_1] Recap the Round of 12 race at Talladega Superspeedway in which Aric Almirola picked up his first win of 2018 for Stewart-Haas Racing. [ad_2]

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  1. That proves that Aric deserves 10 car more than anyone else!

  2. Yes man Aric. I think we will have a new champion outside the big four.

  3. They need to change the damn restristor plate package, no one wants TRAIN RACING FOR OVER A 100 LAPS

  4. Almirola has done more for the #10 car this season than Patrick did in 7 seasons.

  5. Yes aric almirola NASCAR MONSTER ENERGY in talladega alabama

  6. Congrats to Aric for a well-deserved WIN..!!  Stuck w/his teammates to very end & even if Kurt hadn't run out of fuel, Aric had the run to pass Kurt w/Stenhouse's help. ..wtg #48 for salvaging a 7th place finish.

  7. I am so happy Aric Almirola Finally won!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO

  8. I'm sure Aric was glad the 3 was no where around him.

  9. Congrats for #10 but overall what a piece of shit race …Amtrak should be added as a sponsor

  10. I guess some people can never be happy. They complained about Talladega being a crash fest. Now it was too boring for them because of no "big one" and no one being hurt. Personally I had a neutral opinion on the entire race.
    Also the end of the race was good because someone who deserves to win did and NASCAR let the race play out instead of throwing a caution.

  11. Guys, it'll be better next year with the new lower hp rules package.

  12. 0:09 u jinxed it

  13. SHR ran it like a F1 race, total team orders from beginning,

  14. You can expect NASCAR to take a long hard look at all 4 of the SHR cars. Even if they are legal, they are definitely going to examine what was done to those cars to provide them with such an advantage. For the record, I think they were all completely legal. I just think they hit on something setup wise that gave them a pretty substantial aero advantage. I don't think it was HP or engine related, honestly. I think they had their rear ends skewed lower than anyone else out there. Whatever they did, they obviously shared the setup across all 4 cars, maybe with minor handling tweaks based on each driver's personal preference.

    I think the criticism is going to be deafeningly loud and it's going to pretty much force NASCAR into investigating this. I haven't seen that kind of dominance at a plate track where cars can freely break away from the pack in the modern NASCAR era. Maybe a little bit in the CoT era with tandem drafting but that's a completely different car with a different set of rules governing it. It's simply astonishing how good SHR was today. Rest assured, NASCAR doesn't want this happening at their big plate races. They are their saving grace in terms of the racing product, fans still routinely pack the stands at plate tracks. They can't afford to have it be boring or dominated in this fashion. They want 3 wide pack racing for all 188 laps, dozens of lead changes, and I dare say most fans want the same thing. I'm more interested in the technical side of NASCAR these days, but there's no doubt the racing could improve substantially compared to what it is now with the current rules package in this GEN 6 car. Next years asinine rules package isn't going to make it any better either. They're pretty much doing the exact opposite of what fans are clamoring for and that is a rule set and a racing product that more closely resembles what we saw in the early 2000s up to the launch of the CoT.

  15. NASCAR should give Aric and the No. 10 awards for Most Improved Driver and Most Improved Team.

  16. Can you imagine if the Daytona 500 in 2019 takes place like this race did? Just 4 cars dominating and everyone being single file.

  17. First win ever for the 10-car. Good for Almirola. Been a long time comin….

  18. I was so happy to see Aric Almirola win this race and I'm not even an Aric Almirola Fan.I was cheering him on at the end.Aric Almirola is one of the good guys and his character is second to none.Other NASCAR Drivers need to look at Aric Almirola and see that this is what a Real NASCAR Driver is supposed to act like.

  19. 2:03 was the only good part of the race

  20. Aric, Congratulations man you are the winner at Talladega!

  21. I thought only Penske cars were allowed to dominate at restrictor plate tracks… Guess not anymore

  22. Other than the finish this race was so bad like so bad boring as hell single file crap

  23. Esto fue una burla.

  24. This was an awesome win for Aric Almirola. On a side note for those who may not know, but today on NBC, Mike Wells directed his last NASCAR race. He is retiring after a career that spans 37 years. Just wanted to give a shout out.


  26. Go 18

  27. Menard and Blaney were the biggest retards in this whole pack at the end

  28. FORD: First On Race Day or Falters On Race Day.

  29. That race was pathetic, but I'm glad Almirola won.

  30. If Almirola ran out of gas Stenhouse would’ve won… let that sink in

  31. Aric a part of the team who towed him?

  32. Does a race really need to be exciting to be good? There was quite a lot of strategy involved which made it exciting. Rather see this than 4 wide 10 rows deep and have a greater risk of someone getting hurt or dying than a race where that risk isn't there.

  33. very underwhelming race but very excited for almirola for his first win since 2014

  34. My my, the finish tables have turned.

    Dover last week and Talladega right now

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