Raging Rhino! 1000x! Mega Big Win!

Raging Rhino!  1000x!  Mega Big Win!

[ad_1] This is a massive Raging Rhino hit from the Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI. The scariest thing — this isn’t even close to the hits that are possible on this game! Simply amazing! [ad_2]

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  1. Excellent win off 40cents!!

  2. I lost, I won, I lost and then I got it all back and a little extra. Unfortunately, security was everywhere so I didn't feel comfortable recording. Next time!

  3. Great win!! Going to the casino this weekend. Gonna try this one.

  4. what's so funny?

  5. not bad for a 5 dollar start

  6. That music 0:482:05 reminds me of speedy gonzales for the gameboy

  7. U doin a great job kep this win way

  8. Hey Ben … keep your eyes peels … another great Raging Rhino hit … coming soon!

  9. Hahahaha heaps good

  10. Thanks matthewgaryify … it's a very high volatility game … so it is a good one to win big on a small bet!

  11. many of the major casino game apps will credit you chips with no deposit needed to help start you play, i turned 40 into 240 the last few days this page shows the best sites PLAY83.COM

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  12. so what would you recommend to try different bets every so often or stick with one bet ? because i honestly have no luck 🙁

  13. Hey Chris … can you teach us all how to calculate that. You're good! 🙂

  14. Hi Fernando … in truth … the bet size does not matter at all If this was a $1.20 bet, it would have been a hand pay!

  15. Haha… I guess I have different reactions. The one on FIRE QUEEN (my $500+ win was an intene release, because I just got done winning the 600x Princess Sakura win! Glad you like my laugh … it just seemed to do on so long for such a small investment!

  16. Brent … someone figured it out in this thread … it's a huge chunk of change!

  17. .40 cents is where all the big wins are at just look at that win 🙂

  18. when I watching this it pop-s out sign of surprise.When I hear your laugh it makes me ^=^.

  19. hey, Shamus, do you happen to know what it would have done to the pay had you had even one rhino on the 6th reel? Does it up it by a factor of 2, like WW3 (in WW3, 5 ravens is 4000, whereas 6 Ravens is 8000). Just curious. 😀

  20. I like talking about it … and I like when it actually happens!! 🙂


  22. Thanks Pimper … I like this one too … it's a great hit!

  23. i got to hear that same win music on a lady godiva hit at fallsview (think was a 300x hit on 80c). it's so exciting to have it happen to you. love this video man.

  24. Hi chrisjana75 … get ready for a floor of new Blade games from WMS … and a broader variety than what we have been seeing. So far, the initial Blade games were for "gamblers" (other than, perhaps, Sea of Tranquility) … small bet, huge win potential!

  25. I hit over 400x my bet on this one the other day. good machine…the only good game in the bonus guarantee games

  26. RHINOOOOOOO !!!!

  27. Ok. HOLY RHINO!!!!!

  28. Hi ShinobiYT … I don't think a lot of players were paying attention to the line individual line hits. The manufactures likely include it to comply with regulation. There are no paylines … it is a 4096 ways game — meaning, every combination possible on the reels gets paid — that's why a wild multiplier pays off the chart. The carrot on the end of this stick is the insane wins that are possible. We know from Wicked Winnings that players will pay the most boring base game for potential!

  29. Great hit on this tough game. Tried it, but found it too boring with so many dead spins. Obviously there is potential, but not to my liking.

    Now, I was curious about the pays for each line and at first didn't see them. But then I noticed them in TINY hard to see letters under the free spin counter. What do you think of that? Why even bother showing them when they are barely visible? Couldn't even read them until I switched to 1080p and full-screen.

  30. Thanks javi … I appreciate you taking the time to post on this! Appreciate your comments!

  31. I just needed to finish it off on reel 6!

  32. That laughing is a little odd … and I'm not a big fan of it … but I just leave it in. I have a few more embarrassing laughs coming up (and that means more really good hits)! I'm on a mini-winning streak right now … starting with this casino visit!

  33. Thanks Deb … I was really happy with it! I slip in a $5 bill!!

  34. Haha … it was a really nice one. Thanks for posting!

  35. I have almost no access to the blade machines … so, my experience on them is limited to a half day of play total. Therefore … I've been on the very positive end of these machines … and I'm really enjoying it! Bowl Bingo has some history. I removed some of the posts (on both sides), and I think we have a good understanding now …thanks for posting.

  36. Take into consideration … this is nowhere near a top hit — the multipliers can give you up to 81x — and that last row of rhinos would make all the difference!

  37. Excellent win! Congrats!

  38. Wow…that was so good getting four multiplies like that with the top symbol. Congrats on a MEGA hit.

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