Railjack, Fortuna, New War — TennoLIVE 2018 Abridged

Railjack, Fortuna, New War — TennoLIVE 2018 Abridged

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  1. 3:28 i like the new limbo premium skin

  2. Thanks for the warning.
    I have not played the sacrifice yet.

  3. Patiencely waits in the corner of his ship. Never knowing when fortuna will be released

  4. Jar jar stapler ship

  5. exactly 10 minutes

  6. And we all gift some GROFIIIIIIT !!

  7. Minimal Memes? Thats a heresy.

  8. Shallow I have a good question for you.

  9. The cheering stopped after they saw mag

  10. What's the name of the song??!!?!??!?!

  11. I thought lotus was a good

  12. the only wait.

  13. When you forget to switch to the tranquilizer:
    "Boss, you killed a child?"

    Guess I better level up my archwings

  14. Thank you for not abridging the song, btw. thx fam

  15. i tried so hard to forget about that sonic kinect thing

  16. Goddamn you Balls! Now we have to kill the space MILF!

  17. This is not starwar game pls. Now make a laser sword and all we are happy. Can i be a jedi? Looks like a new star wars film … this guys are crazy or what?

  18. That map awfully looks like one of destiny 1 patrols map with the witch that’s the boss of the earth free roam

  19. More hype in the audience compared to E3

  20. shaking in excitement

  21. omg angryjoe!

  22. Fulton recovery system but it's in Warframe….

  23. better get that primed soon

  24. The New Gulag

  25. Hey… That's pretty good.

  26. Good thing I finished the Sacrifice before watching this video

  27. FUCK OFF SHTS HOPE LMAO :'v railjack is the new war oh Damm it Nice good jod

  28. im mostly excited for the fire extinguisher

  29. I did every Quest except for the index quest on Warframe and every Star map Junction I just hope the index Quest will not be a requirement to access Fortuna

  30. Next time mail me shy, i can animate it so that "wait" appears just like "new" does

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