Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold — BIG WIN SLOTS — Live Play

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold — BIG WIN SLOTS — Live Play

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Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold, the latest £500 jackpot Rainbow Riches slot machine. There’s loads going on in this slot, I started at £2 per spin and had a good game for my money, then I changed to £30 spins and had a great result.
You can win up to 100 free spins, with cash wins gambled for more cash or free spins. This video was shot in Coral on their FOBT machines. [ad_2]

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  1. The fruit machine gambler will always chase that hope of winning more than one Jackpot, and that never happens

  2. Shoutout to Coral.

  3. wow 500

  4. He never won shit

  5. For a slot to play and pay like this is he lost over 1000 pounds

  6. this game needs to come to the states!!!!

  7. You earned a subscriber can you play money money martians 500 pound jackpot

  8. This type of machine looks rigged AF to me

  9. @Stop and Step — QUestion this reel config (not to mention the sounds and other nuances are WMS/ Williams. Rainbow riches I believe is a Barcrest Original. My Question is know if they got together to make this or what?

  10. 28 spins left mate hence tonight panorama programe on at 8 bbc 1 these things need banned as u probably no yourself u can't get big big money out them anymore I used to take 4 grand here and there but nothing all I do is lose henge I don't have any bank cards with me anymore and I have banned myself from every bookie

  11. Mac look at other vids there real alright , wot makes u say that ?

  12. Sad that you bombard the video with ads 3/4 times

  13. How much did you put in?

  14. Not sure what it put nana for though.

  15. It's OK my stupid phone e screen has a mind of its own.

  16. risk and reward boooooooooooooooom

  17. Great result mate hate it when it does you on the spins how much more would 28 have got

  18. That machine looks like utter horseshite. 20p wins all over the shop and no "fun" except more free spins.

  19. nice video of this mate I played this 2 times but I want to keen on it but great to see you get jackpot on it

  20. And why do your slots cap off at 500 pounds?

  21. Since I live in America…and the games play different here…If you re-trigger 3 bonus symbols during the 75 free games……does it re-trigger 75 games or just the regular amount?

  22. Very nice. Seems more like an online slot than a bookies. Great win pal.

  23. Are you a man of means so to speak?

    Cuz you seem to have a lot of money to gamble lol.

    And I mean that as a compliment!

    I could only DREAM of living your life.

    Great win mate! LOVED the vid!

  24. Nana what on earth is that weird sound like a dying police siren. Great result by the way.

  25. just like Spartacus but with a few extras

  26. I think the gamble from 75 to 100 free spins tells you all you need to know about the value of 75 spins. Nigh on pointless gamble. As mentioned elsewhere probably never worth risking gambling to more than 60 spins.

  27. What an amazing video. Hats off to you mate!

  28. Looks difficult to play at first but watching your fab video i get it now ?? Cheers

  29. Your videos look suspicious
    Almost like it's not your own money

  30. being fair, you can normally get near the jackpot with 30-40 free spins.
    it just seems the more you have, the longer It takes.
    I got £472 off 25 spins and jackpot off 32.
    but always have expanding wilds when you go for free spins otherwise it's no where near as good.

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